Skinner Benefits from 2016 Alligator's Ball (Social Notes from All Over)

Miss Anthropie
Friday December 04, 2015 - 10:36:00 AM
Carolers serenade attendees at the 2016 Alligators' Ball.
Carolers serenade attendees at the 2016 Alligators' Ball.

On Wednesday State Senate candidate Nancy Skinner made her debut at the 2016 Alligators' Ball, a Berkeley tradition which started in 2004 to benefit then City Council candidate Laurie Capitelli. For the full backstory, see Down at the Alligator’s Ball. Hosts this year were developer Patrick Kennedy, developer’s shill Mark Rhoades and Downtown Business Association honchos John Caner and Susie Medak.

Observed in attendance: Councilmember Susan Wengraf, now near the end of her current term, and announced mayoral candidate Capitelli, accompanied by attorney Steven Murphy, who is rumored to be running to replace Capitelli in District 5.

Proceeds of the festivities, held at a North Shattuck bar, will go to Skinner’s campaign treasury—she’s running against Sandre Swanson for the seat now held by Loni Hancock (who has endorsed Swanson.) Tickets went for up to $4200.00.  


There's no official word on what favors the alligators will expect in return for their contributions.

In a new tradition, a few straggly carolers serenaded the incoming guests with versions of popular carols updated for current events. The musicians said they hoped to appear at many holiday events in downtown Berkeley in the next few weeks and invited others to join them in song. Singing ability is not a must.