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Uigur Genocide

Jagjit Singh
Friday July 24, 2020 - 01:41:00 PM

There is growing concern that China may be omitting genocide against the Uigurs limiting their numbers by a systematic program of mass sterilization and incarceration. Pro-democracy activists are being targeted in Hong-Kong with dire threats of life-in-imprisonment. Stung by US criticism, the Chinese government has lashed out at US war crimes in Central and South America, Iraq and Afghanistan. For decades the US military has engaged in brutish terror against many of the most vulnerable people of the world undermining democracy and the rule of law. The notorious former “School of the Americas” trained many of its graduates in torture techniques to “discourage“ political dissent in their home countries. Massive grassroots efforts by US activists under the banner, ‘SOA Watch’ has finally closed the "School of Assassins" also known as the "School of Coups." Abuses SOA graduates have alleged to have committed include "the death or disappearance of 200,000 Guatemala…is one of many abuses. 

Other crimes committed by the CIA 1 Iran (1953) 2 Dominican Republic (1961) 3 South Vietnam (1963) 4 Brazil (1964) 5 Chile (1973), Argentina (1976). Political posturing is the art of launching terror and mayhem disguised under the slogan “the war on terror” with grotesque slogans like “Iraqi Freedom” as a cover for the “shock and awe” mayhem that quickly followed. During the disastrous Bush-Cheney regime, black sites were quickly established far away from the American public. Capitalizing on the public anger following the 9/11 attacks, Bush (who conveniently “disappeared” from his National Guard duties) told the nation “the gloves are coming off” with a Clint Eastwood “make my day” cowboy John Wayne swagger. Torture had now become an acceptable way to inflict “maximum pain and no gain” on mostly innocent victims caught in the “war on terror.” Following the invasion of Iraq on bogus WMD’s Bush declared victory. American psychologists were paid tens of millions of tax dollars to craft hideous stress positions, body slamming, water boarding, hanging from stressful positions for hours. The media watchdogs were silenced by Bush’s catch slogan, “you are either with us or against us” demanding unconditional fealty.  

The torture continued in notorious prisons at Abu Ghraib, G itmo and black sites under the watchful eyes of the current CIA director Gina Haspel who allegedly seemed to enjoy the screams from torture victims. General Colin Powell admitted that providing cover for the invasion of Iraq with completely false intelligence at the UN was the low point of his career. Former PM Tony Blair readily embraced Bush’s fictional tale of WMDs committing British troops to participate in the illegal invasion. He now travels the world as a high priced consultant unrepentant for his many crimes. Following his “success in Iraq, Bush ordered the invasion of Afghanistan to find and punish the elusive Bin Laden (a former US ally). Under intense pressure from VP Cheney, hundreds of Afghanis were rounded up on bogus intelligence. Tips from Afghanis who were anxious settle tribal scores were paid substantial sums of money. Many innocent men were caught up the massive dragnet. None of the prisoners have been charged of a crime. US taxpayers pay $13m per year to house each prisoners, Many were brutally tortured and many gave false information to stop the torture. Many are still languishing in US dungeons at Gitmo. Exhausting all available options, many of the prisoners have resigned to starting on a “hunger strike, to death” demanding “ give me freedom or give me death.” This us sheer MADNESS. These prisoners MUST be released immediately and GITMO closed. The CIA has had a checkered history overthrowing left leaning governments with mafia style interventions and leaving the “door wide open” allowing Russians Cyber interference during the 2016 election allowing the “most dangerous man on the planet” (Mary Trump’s words) to slither into the White House. This continues to be a dark stain on America’s claim to be a nation rooted in justice and the rule of war. For more go to,