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The Odd Couple

Jagjit Singh
Friday July 24, 2020 - 01:15:00 PM

A fascinating battle is ensuing between the diminutive lightweight intellectual giant Dr. Fauci, and the heavyweight “genius” challenger, Donald Trump, who outsourced much of his academic work earning a MD (master of deceit) degree. The good doctor follows the Hippocratic Oath (HO), “first do no harm,” and has an approval rating over 65% in spite of a chronic shortage of sleep because of demands on his time by round-the clock media interviews. His opinions are dictated by a close adherence to clinical data. 

On the hand the President flaunts the HO and continues to burden the American people with incoherent nixed messages which require an army of “cut and paste” specialists to interpret “Trump-Speak”. His most ardent admirer is the ultra-Christian VP Pence who regurgitates Trump’s words with dogged loyalty. Jesus would be so proud! 

Trump follows the dictates of his reelection strategy and has shown his willingness to run roughshod over medical science. According to the NYT and other reliable media reports, the President rises at noon exhausted from late night tweets and haunted by FOX news reports and bizarre conspiracy theories. 

After a fractious week, the former reality-show star gleefully retweeted “we shouldn’t trust doctors about Covid-19”. In a further effort to blunt and undermine Fauci’s authority, Peter Navarro, Trump’s trade adviser, assailed Fauci as being Dr. Wrong. 

It is amazing that Fauci, unlike other WH officials, seems to have an impregnable integrity shield deflecting hurtful verbal jabs always staying on message. Bravo Dr. Fauci!