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Trump's Tripping

Tejinder Uberoi
Saturday July 18, 2020 - 04:10:00 PM

Move over Shapiro (the ace test tacker hired by Trump to take his SAT test). DJT is ready to retake the SAT test he avoided many years ago before he achieved a “stable genius” status. But much like his other claims he remains coy about the results of the cognitive test. Unlike a SAT test, a cognition test is a simple test to measure your mental decline and not a test on how smart you are. 

A few examples on the Mini-Mental Status Exam or MMSE: 

What is today’s date? 

Spell TRUMP backwards. 

What is the meaning of CHEAT? 

Spell RACIST and explain its meaning. 

Make up a simple sentence, must contain a subject, verb and object. 

Riding in a golf cart, playing a few rounds of golf and gorging on hamburgers and tacos – watching FOX news and relentless tweeting into the wee hours of the morning doesn't bode for a healthy life style. Your recent unsteady descent from a ramp should be of concern to your adoring fans. Your prefrontal cortex, the ability to think strategically, the ability to sort out all the possibilities of your actions and control impulses are also in serious decline given your stubborn refusal to accept the dual impact of the Coronavirus and sagging economy. 

Sadly, your synaptic connectivity that correlates with memory loss also seems to be in decline. Mr. Trump, your war with the English language is legendary and a source of great amusement for late night comedians. 

A few examples for the history books - pointing to gains in the stock market -“Your 409’Ks (meaning 401K’s) are doing great.” "covfefe" to "bigly". Confused 9/11 attacks with 7/11, muddled the wrong city of a major shooting in Dayton with Toledo. Trevor Noah’s team at the Daily Show put together a montage of the president’s embarrassing verbal moments. “Tim Apple” to “slock rocket.” to "120 million" COVID-19 deaths when he meant "120 thousand. The winning entry in Trevor Noah's quiz was Trump demanding to know the ORANGE of Mueller’s investigation. 

Trump’s daily aversion to reading his daily intelligence briefings does not bode well. He has trashed our treasured Atlantic alliance, our northern and southern neighbors, China, WHO. . .and even trashed the nation’s preeminent infectious specialist, Dr. Tony Fauci. He ended his former infatuation with the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un with angry words. His only remaining infatuation is with the crafty Vladimir Putin. And that will remain a mystery until perhaps, we elect a new President. For more go to,