Margy Wilkinson Was Loved by All

Marcia Poole
Sunday June 28, 2020 - 09:17:00 PM

Margy Wilkinson passed away last night. Berkeley has lost a 21st Century saint. She was a "collective" person. She knew who to contact for anyone in need of help and she immediately implemented the communication between people so the knots in the social fabric would be eased out. She spoke her heart and took no prisoners, yet was so compassionate and helpful that she had an open door policy to anyone, anywhere and relieved suffering.

She was a great protector of the Here/There encampment started by First They Came For The Homeless. When she saw that the residents there were without proper methods for maintaining health and hygiene, she had a porta potty put up adjacent to the camp and the Friends of Adeline paid for the installation and maintenance. They added a hand washing station to it.

She could be called when no one could provide a solution to a crisis and contact and immediate connections were made and help was given to those suffering. She was known city wide as the provider of instant reprieve for those who were catastrophically suffering. Over and over again, when the city administration closed its heart and mind to the people in need in Berkeley, Margy would remedy the solution in a matter of minutes and have relief brought to them.

As a 21st Century saint, she didn't mince words. She spoke truth to power and implemented organized structures that would serve all categories of need. Her husband, Tony, was her co-saint. They took on the very hard and the lighter tasks. People knew that there was no dead end when they had her as a resource.

I loved her and everyone who got to know her loved her. She was our Mary, Goddess of Mercy.