Public Comment

Lock Him Up

Jagjit Singh
Friday May 15, 2020 - 03:56:00 PM

I am appalled and profoundly saddened by the blatant action of the Justice Department to undermine its own prosecutors in its case against Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty twice to lying to F.B.I. investigators and Vice President, Mike Pence attempting to collude with the Russians.

This is a political move, orchestrated by Attorney General Bill Barr to help his boss, Donald Trump to divert public attention away from this administration’s inadequate response to the virus and to rile up the president’s political base. I hope the presiding judge will ignore the AJ’s recommendation to dismiss the charges, as the judge has already ruled that those charges are warranted. But it is still likely that the president will pardon Mr. Flynn, citing his decision the Justice Department’s conclusion that there is no evidence of Flynn’s guilt. Sadly, the Justice Department is moving in lockstep with a highly dysfunctional president and Republican Party who have lost their moral bearings. 

Finally, this is the same Flynn who riled up Trump’s base with the chant, “lock her (Hilary Clinton) up!” Let us hope that justice may finally be served by locking up Flynn for a very long time.