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Press Release: Some parking enforcement suspended through April 7

City of Berkeley
Sunday March 22, 2020 - 06:52:00 PM

Citations will continue for safety-related parking violations

As people in Berkeley and throughout California stay home to limit the spread of COVID-19, the City is suspending various parking enforcement. Everyone should still follow normal parking rules about fire hydrants, disabled parking zones, bus stops, and other regulations that support safety and access to essential services.

This temporary suspension of rules by City Manager Dee Williams-Ridley is intended to make it easier to shelter in place. Normal daily patterns of traffic and parking needs have changed, and we are all adjusting. We’ll be monitoring the situation, and we may realize that changes need to be made. 

Enforcement suspended for meters and residential permit parking

While the shelter in place order is in effect, the CIty will not enforce rules related to: 

  • parking meters
  • time limited parking
  • school zones
  • residential permit parking
We ask that people be considerate and not park for long periods around venues that are struggling during this time, such as restaurants doing pick-up and delivery only, or destinations that we all need, such as a grocery store. 

Enforcement continues for safety and access violations

We will continue to issue citations for parking violations that impact public safety or impede access to essential services, as these issues become even more important during a public health emergency. This includes: 

  • red curbs and fire hydrants
  • disabled parking blue zones
  • street sweeping
  • yellow zones in commercial areas
  • double parking
We will enforce prohibitions on parking in construction zones and driveways by complaint only. 

Visit for additional information on COVID-19, frequently asked questions on the Health Officer’s order, and changes to City services.