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Trump Fiddles While America Suffers

Tejinder Uberoi
Sunday March 15, 2020 - 03:24:00 PM

Trump’s tweets have lost their sting. America is too preoccupied with the deadly “take no prisoners”, Coronavirus. Our 401’s have become “201”s. The tax man is pounding the door demanding his pound of flesh. 

In the meantime, Trump continues to spew out false statements. Gone is the bravado only to be replaced by a frightened man unfit to govern. 

He continues to downplay the impact of the virus claiming he talked to “many people” great and small and had a “hunch” that doctors and the media were misleading the public. He reassured a doubting public the impact of the virus was less than 1 percent. He falsely assured the public that anyone could be tested. His playbook of nasty invectives may be over. 

It is increasingly doubtful if anyone will attend his rallies. 

Two precious months have been squandered attempting to spook the market with Trump talk. In the meantime South Korea conducted 700 times more tests than the US. 

Dr. Tom Frieden, a former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, offered a sobering statistic stating that it was possible the virus could kill more than 1 million Americans. 

Another sobering statistic offered by Chancellor Angela Merkel estimated over 70 percent of Germany may be affected. China and South Korea both offer hope that draconian isolation measures might tame this ” wild beast” from spreading. It is now time Trump and his science deniers abandon their collective fantasies and start working to save American lives.