Public Comment

The Time is Now

Romila Khanna
Monday February 10, 2020 - 06:25:00 PM

It is our time to get involved in politics and get to know the candidates. We need to vote for those candidates who embrace human qualities and believe in eliminating disparities, suffering and the discrimination which still exists in our society. 

We are frustrated in the present political reality-shows, where the truth is buried and decisions are made for the wealthy. The poor and low income people are suffering. We need politicians who will act to reform the present climate of the government, and pay attention to the policies, and decide to put a full stop to wrong politics which creates more problems here in USA. 

I hear that our economy Is booming now under the current President. After the previous administration left, how did we get so much more money to divert to the military including the air-force and navy? Why are we creating an unfriendly environment with other countries? 

We are proud of our abilities as it relates to national security but why are we afraid that other countries might attack us? Why we are fearful all the time? By extending cordial relationship with other countries, we can do better, since America is the home of immigrants.  

This time is now to open our eyes and ears and voice our opinions by asking the candidates questions about how our tomorrow will reflect more justice, fairness, equity and empathy to all irrespective of color, faith, and socio-economic status. 

We need people who will fight for all and preserve our democratic values. We need to cast our vote for those leaders who will solve our problems, who will help to erase poverty, homelessness, reduce gun violence, and provide adequate funding for education and healthcare needs. 

I am urging to the community members to be more vigilant and persist!