The Berkeley Activist's Calendar, Feb. 9-16

Kelly Hammargren, Sustainable Berkeley Coalition
Saturday February 08, 2020 - 11:14:00 AM

Worth Noting:

City Offices are closed Wednesday in observation of President Lincoln’s Birthday. Commissions with regular meetings falling on the 2nd Wednesday have been rescheduled except for Parks Commission, If planning on going to the Parks Commission meeting call Monday or Tuesday 510.981.6704 secretary Roger Miller to check if Commission is still meeting.

February 18 is the last day to Register to Vote for the March 3, CA primary. If you have not received your voting pamphlet check your voting registration (If you can’t find your registration you may need to add your middle name or initial with your first name) Mail-in/absentee ballots are already arriving.

Monday – Council Health, Life Enrichment, Equity & Community Committee 10 am, Agenda and Rules Committee at 2:30 pm proposed agenda for Feb 25 includes 5. contract for Zoning Standards and EIR for Ashby and North Berkeley BART developments,

Tuesday – City Council Regular meeting at 6 pm, 17. Overnight RV Parking, 18. Ballot Initiatives

Thursday – City Council Budget and Finance Committee 10 am, 3. Proposal for Cannabis Tax payments in bitcoin/cryptocurrency

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Event is full with waiting list - 350 Bay Area ½ day training (in Berkeley) on how to impact State of California critical climate legislation,

Monday, February 10, 2020 

City Council Health, Life Enrichment, Equity & Community Committee, 10 am, at 2180 Milvia, 6th Floor Redwood Room, Agenda: 3. Listening Session on Homelessness, 4. Healthy Checkout Ordinance, 5. a.&b. Resolution Procurement & Sale Sugar-Sweetened Beverages, a. prohibits sale and serving in City meetings/events, b. “Recognizes principles” emphasize healthy options, 6. a.&b. Modify Policies Related to Enforcement of Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Ordinance, a. Increase staffing, improve signage, make reporting less onerous, b. refer to City Manager for analysis.,_Life_Enrichment,_Equity___Community.aspx 

Agenda and Rules Committee, 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm, at 2180 Milvia, 6th Floor Redwood Room, Agenda Planning for February 25, CONSENT: 3. Formal Bid Solicitations and RFP, $12,440,000 4. Contract $313,800 with Worldwide Travel Staffing for Nurse Registry Services March 1, 2020 – June 30, 2023, , 5. Contract $500,000 with Van Meter Williams Pollack for Professional Planning Services to Prepare Zoning Standards and EIR for Ashby and North Berkeley BART Stations, March 1, 2020 – July 31, 2021, 6. Amend Agreement with CA Dept of Transportation (Caltrans) for maintenance of the State highways within the City of Berkeley will address roadway and traffic signal improvements, 7. Contract $388,489 (includes 10% contingency) with APB General Engineering for Sanitary Sewer Rehab and Replacement, 8. Permit Fee Waiver for PG&E for Undergrounding existing overhead electrical facilities and electric service conversions in Utility Undergrounding District No. 48. (Grizzly Reak/Summit), 9. Asylum for Survivors of Domestic Violence, Affirm Berkeley’s Commitment to our asylum-seeking residents, 10.&11. Council donations, 12. Support S.2012(Feinstein) Restoring Local Control Over Public Infrastructure Act of 2019, 13. Support SB-431(Mobile phones), SB-801 (back-up battery packs), SB-802 (allow diesel-powered generators during declared disasters) support people whose lives would be endangered with emergency power shutdowns, 14. a.,b.,c. appeal 1582 LeRoy convert Hillside School to residential use, 15. ZAB Appeal 2422 Fifth St, 16. Surveillance Technology & Acquisition Reports, License Plate Readers, GPS Trackers, Body Worn Cameras, ACTION: 17. Issuance $38,000,000 General Obligation Bonds for Measure O Affordable Housing, 18. Refinancing 2009, 2010 General Obligation Bonds (Measure FF), 19. Issuance and sale of lease revenue bonds to refinance outstanding Refinance 2010 Certificates (originally issued to finance Animal Shelter Project), 20. Ordinance 1st reading Ronald V. Dellums Fair Chance Access to Housing, 21. Schedule Special City Council Meeting on Ohlone History and Culture, 22. Referral: Street Lighting Near Campus, INFORMATION REPORTS: 23. Audit report not in packet, 24. Regional Leadership and Goals for 2020, 

Referred Items for Review – 8. Prohibit Officeholder Accounts, 9. Potential Revisions Rules of Procedure and Order, 10. Update Telecom Ordinances, 11. Compulsory Composting and Edible Food Recovery, Revisions to Short-Term Rental Ordinance No. 7,521, Grant Writing Services, Kitchen Exhaust Hoods, 

Homeless Commission, 7 – 9 pm at 2180 Milvia, 1st Floor Cypress Room, Agenda: 5. Census 2020, 8. Support Emergency Outdoor Shelter, 9. STAIR Center, 10. Lifelong Street Medicine proposal, Homeless persons on Caltrans property, 16. Landlord Incentives for accepting voucher/subsidy holders (rescheduled to Feb 10 because of holiday) 

Public Works Commission – Utility Undergrounding Subcommittee, 4 – 5 pm at 1947 Center, 4th Floor, Elm Room 

Youth Commission, 6:30 pm at 1730 Oregon St, Martin Luther King Jr. Youth Services Center, Agenda: Gender Neutral bathrooms discussion and letter to BUSD School Board 

Tax the Rich Rally, with music by Occupella, 4 – 5 pm at the Top of Solano in front of the Closed Oaks Theater, Rain Cancels 

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 

Berkeley City Council, Tuesday, at 1231 Addison Street, BUSD Board Room, 

4 – 6 pm, Closed Session, Pending Litigation, a. Clay v. City of Berkeley, Case No. 18897070, 1444 Fifth Street LLC, v. City of Berkeley, Case No. 19032434 

6 pm – 11pm, Regular Council Meeting, Agenda: CONSENT: 1. Approvals Development Agreements for 2012 Berkeley Way, 2. 2nd reading Cannabis Ordinance, 3. Appoint Lisa Warhaus as Director of Health, Housing and Community Services, 5. Add $235,000 (total $450,000) with Sloan Sakai LLP for Chief Labor Negotiator services, 6. Apply for CA Dept of Housing and Development (HCD) funds $1 – 5 million under CalHome Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Program and agreements if awarded, 7. Apply for Infill Infrastructure grants for 2527 Blake (SAHA) and 2001 Ashby (RCD), 8. Modify Block Grant to use CSBG funds for mobile shower program, 9. Support HR 5038 – Farm Workforce Modernization Act of 2019, 10. Support HR 5609 – Homelessness Emergency Declaration Act, 12. Improve enforcement ordinance Wage Theft Prevention, 13. Installation William Byron Rumford Plaque, 14. Referral to City Manager Electric Moped Ride-Share Franchise Agreement, ACTION: 15. Recommendations Related to Code Enforcement and Receivership Actions, 16. Disposition 1631 fifth St, 17. Resolution Safe Overnight RV Parking at Designated City-Owned Parking Lots, 18. Discussion Potential Ballot Measure for inclusion in community survey, 19. Electric Bike Share Program Franchise Amendment, 20. Resolution Discouraging the Use of Cell Phones, Email, Texting, Instant Messaging and Social Media by Councilmembers during Official City Meetings, 21. 2-Lane Option on Adeline St between MLK Way and Ward. INFORMATION: Commission on Disability Workplan 

Commission on the Status of Women – Equal Pay Subcommittee, 6 – 7 pm at 2000 University, Au Coquelet, Agenda: 5. Equal Pay Workshop 

Mental Health Commission – Audit Subcommittee, 1:30 – 3 pm at 2180 Milvia, Bay Laurel Room, 1st Floor Center St, 

Wednesday, February 12, 2020 

All City Offices are Closed in Observation of Lincoln’s Birthday 

The Parks Commission is listed as meeting. Other Commissions that normally meet the 2nd Wednesday have rescheduled. Parks and Waterfront Commission, 7 – 9 pm at 2800 Park St, Frances Albrier Community Center, Agenda: 16. Adopt a Spot, 17. New Commemorative Tree Program, 

Thursday, February 13, 2020 

City Council Budget & Finance Committee, 10 am, at 2180 Milvia, 6th Floor Redwood Room, Agenda: 3. Cannabis Cryptocurrency Tax, ordinance to allow City to accept stablecoin (cryptocurrency) tax remittance, 4. Council’s Fiscal Policies, 5. Utilize Substantial Portion of Cannabis Tax proceeds to fund subsidies under 1000 Person Plan (homeless plan) 

Community Environmental Advisory Commission, 7 – 9 pm at 1901 Russell St, Tarea Hall Pittman South Branch Library, Agenda: 2. Cigarette Butt Receptacles subcommittee Report, 3. Gas Station CO2 Labeling, 4. Bee City Initiative Update, 5. Letter to State on Research of Environmentally Preferable Alternatives to Plastics (CEAC meeting date Feb 13, listed incorrectly on website home page) 

Zoning Adjustment Board, 7 pm at 1231 Addison St, BUSD Board Room, 

1919 Oregon – Demolish rear 541 sq ft addition, convert building to duplex, construct new 2-story 1438 sq ft rear dwelling unit, 3 parking spaces, staff recommend approve 

2565 Buena Vista Way – Expand existing 1675 sq ft 2-story single family dwelling that exceeds lot coverage by excavating the lower level, staff recommend approve 

1533 Beverly Place – enlarge existing 1212 sq ft 1-story single-family dwelling with a non-conforming front setback by adding 1035 sq ft addition including a new 2nd story, average height 23 ft – 7 ½”, add 5th bedroom, staff recommend dismiss appeal and approve 

Friday, February 14, 2020 

Berkeley City Reduced Services Day  

Saturday, February 15, 2020 

President’s Day Long Weekend 

Sunday, February 16, 2020 

President’s Day Long Weekend 



Public Hearings Scheduled – Land Use Appeals 

0 Euclid – Berryman Reservoir TBD 

2422 Fifth St – mixed-use building 2-25-2020 

1581 LeRoy Ave – convert vacant elementary school property – LPC & ZAB 2-25-2020 

Remanded to ZAB or LPC With 90-Day Deadline 

1155-73 Hearst (develop 2 parcels) – referred back to City Council – to be scheduled 

Notice of Decision (NOD) With End of Appeal Period 

1872 Allston 2-12-2020 

910 Ashby 2-12-2020 

2212 Ashby 2-12-2020 

2336 Eighth 2-12-2020 

30 Roanoke 2-25-2020 

1914 Stuart 2-25-2020 

1508 Virginia 2-11-2020 




March 17 – CIP Update (PRW and Public Works), Measure T1 Update 

May 5 – Budget Update, Crime Report 

June 23 – Climate Action Plan/Resiliency Update, Digital Strategic Plan FUND$/Replacement Website Update 

July 21, Sept 29 – no workshops scheduled “yet” 

Oct 20 – Update Berkeley’s 2020 Vision, BMASP/Berkeley Pier-WETA Ferry 


Unscheduled Workshops/Presentations 

Cannabis Health Considerations 

Vision 2050 

Systems Realignment 



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This meeting list is also posted on the Sustainable Berkeley Coalition website. and in the Berkeley Daily Planet under activist’s calendar 


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