Public Comment

A Case for Impeachment: for the Common Good

Ethel Long-Scott
Friday January 03, 2020 - 05:45:00 PM

Impeach Trump, Pence and the whole swamp they brung with them! This man and his rogue crew keep conducting outrageously inhumane actions in our name, caging children, enabling poverty, denying medical care to millions, denying climate change, vomiting hate speech, encouraging Nazis and white supremacists to attack migrants, people of color, the disabled and women. Daily sabotaging institutions of the common good while terrorizing people whose crime is being different — different faith, different gender, different beliefs or just being poor! 

At stake is democracy itself — and the vision of the good America, the one that inspired workers from all over the world to come here. We are in crisis. Nationwide, corporate investment groups are buying up and hoarding housing – NOT to shelter people but to shelter billions in investment money while sprawling homeless encampments grow nearby, along with sky high rents & housing insecurity. No political party protects workers from the death grip of corporate predators. Corporate-sponsored voter suppression combined with deep cuts to life saving social programs ignore what we-the-people say we need. Who is government supposed to serve? Wall Street and the corporations? Or humanity? If the system won’t get rid of this wanna be dictator, servant of corporate dictatorship, then it’s up to us to defend our democracy, and fight to make the wonders of abundance from technology lift humanity out of poverty by reconstituting government of the people by the people and for the people. Starting now!