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Where Do We Go Now?

Barbara Brust
Friday October 25, 2019 - 04:13:00 PM

About 4 years ago, a movement started in Berkeley, originally targeting the HUB but soon it evolved into THE POOR TOUR. 

In only a couple of months, this band of warriors were targeted and raided by BPD over 17 times, most often at the ungodly hour of 4AM

For the most part, they were able to protect their gear to bravely move to the next spot they would occupy. 

Many housed people with trucks were willing to show up and get their gear...It was a clean & sober encampment. It was truly a family in every way. Dysfunctional for sure, and clearly, at times Deranged, and ALWAYS steadfast in their commitment. 

Then the arrests started, and some were permanently injured.
And still it continued! 

There were TV and radio coverage, as well as the press. There was incredible artwork created adorning the encampments. Hell, they even made City Hall BLEED one night.

See slideshow of The Poor Tour 

Today, there is a new movement, WHERE DO WE GO BERKELEY? 

The very same problems have yet to be resolved. The very same police actions happen. Pretty much the only difference is now there are a lot more tents on the streets of Berkeley and they wait until 8AM to begin the harassment. 

The SeaBreeze Encampment at W.Frontage Road and University will most likely be "Swept" by CHP & CAL TRANS and MANY plan to refuse to continue being subjected to what is frighteningly similar to "death marches." 

NOTHING is achieved by these actions, often, if not always, they do not even take the garbage that has been neatly bagged... 

There are NO portable toilets, NO dumpsters, NO storage, and NO shelter for them. Two people were KILLED by an Amtrak train as a direct result of the exhaustion and sun stroke resulting from one of these "Sweeps" 


BE A WITNESS to this action. Help protect them from further harm. DEMAND AN ANSWER TO THE QUESTION HEARD ALL AROUND THE BAY AREA... 


DO NOT BELIEVE without seeing for yourselves!


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