Public Comment

A Gift of Treason

Bruce Joffe
Friday October 25, 2019 - 03:29:00 PM

Trump's withholding of military assistance to Ukraine until they manufacture false investigations against his political opponents is illegal, unconstitutional, and weakened Ukraine's resistance to invading Russian forces. But, his impulsive withdrawal of our troops from Kurdish Syria is a far worse calamity. 

The Traitor-in-Chief has now given a big chunk of the Middle East to Russia, for no good reason. Our warriors were rushed out as if defeated in battle. Russian soldiers now stroll inside our military bases. Our stalwart allies against ISIS abandoned, Kurds now face "ethnic cleansing." Our solemn commitments betrayed, our reputation has been desecrated, permanently. Russia now controls Kurdish oil fields. 

Days later, Putin visited his new best friend in ... not Turkey ... not Syria ... but ... Saudi Arabia! He told MbS that Russia is replacing USA. Soon, Putin may control the world's oil supply. 

Trump's gift to Putin is treason, pure and putrid.