ECLECTIC RANT: Whistleblower Complaint: Trump’s Misdirection Tactics

Ralph E. Stone
Saturday October 05, 2019 - 04:51:00 PM

The thrust of the whistleblower complaint isn’t really about Joe Biden and his son Hunter as some Trump apologists would have you believe. Trump was using the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country in the 2020 election. 

Further, it is suspicious that Trump put a hold on $391 million in Congressionally-approved military aid to Ukraine just days before the phone call in question. Quid pro quo

Why Joe Biden? Because he is a possible election opponent. If Ukraine opened an investigation of of Joe and Hunter Biden, then you can bet Trump would use it to discredit Joe in the election campaign should he get the nomination. By the way, a former Ukrainian prosecutor, who investigated a gas company tied to Hunter Biden, said that there was no evidence that Joe Biden's son engaged in illegal activity. But then again, facts are not Trump’s or his supporters' strong point. 

Furthermore, if you don't like the message, then attack the messenger’s motives, in this case the whistleblower. This is an old misdirection tactic. 

Let’s keep our focus on Trump’s actions, not what Joe and Hunter Biden may or may not have done, or the motives of the whistleblower, remembering that misdirection is straight out of Trump’s playbook. 

I do wonder, however, whether this incident will adversely effect Biden’s chances for the nomination.