Press Release: Berkeley Students Support Climate Walkout Tomorrow

From Pavini Sethi
Thursday September 19, 2019 - 11:59:00 AM

I am a UC Berkeley student contacting you on behalf of CALPIRG and Students for Climate Action to let you know about the Climate Walkout occuring on campus on Friday the 20th on Sproul Plaza from 9-12. During the walkout students will be rallying behind a list of demands which include:  

1. An Acknowledgement of the State of the Climate Emergency -We want legislators to declare climate change to be the emergency that it is and take action accordingly.  

2. A Green New Deal - The Green New Deal offers a comprehensive plan to confront the issue of climate change without the constraints of the status quo. The plan offers a framework for the appropriate action needed to meaningfully attack the issue  

3. Divestment - We demand the UC Regents to halt their complicity in the fossil fuel industry’s destructive agenda. Our tuition dollars should not be spent lining the pockets of an industry that will ultimately lead to our demise.  

4. Just Transformation - The University of California must engage in good-faith negotiations to provide workers with a high standard of living. Strong unions, labor rights, and political representation are necessary for a transition to sustainability.  

5. A UC Energy Plan that Delivers Results Not Just Rankings - We call the University of California to recommit to its goal of carbon neutrality by 2025. This goal and clean energy system retrofitting must become a budget priority.  

6. Solidarity - We call on all students, staff, and faculty at UC Berkeley to collectively organise for a sustainable future.  

We ask all departments to integrate climate justice into their curricula and to empower climate action across disciplines. We are participating in this climate strike in solidarity with the Bay Area Youth and Allies Climate Strike and the Global Climate strike. CALPIRG stands for California Public Interest Research Group and we are a team of student activists who advocate for students and the wider population on issues of social justice, the environment, and equity. The climate crisis is the largest threat our world faces today and will impact on our generation’s survival. The time for dramatic action is now and we hope that your organization will seek to cover UC Berkeley student’s fight for our future.  

If you have any questions please contact us at: christina.park@berkeley.edu.