The Coming Tax the Rich Celebration!

Harry Brill
Friday September 13, 2019 - 03:27:00 PM

Please join us this coming Monday, September 16th, 5-6pm, to celebrate the 8th year that the Tax the Rich group has been rallying weekly near the top of Solano Avenue. We are proud of our long term commitment and we are proud of our accomplishments. Working along with other progressive organizations we successfully achieved a minimum wage for Berkeley workers of $15 an hour that includes an annual inflation adjustment. Moreover, we won by a unanimous vote despite the conservative majority on the Berkeley City Council. Among our other victories was persuading the public to vote for an increase in taxes for the rich mainly for the purpose increasing funds for the public schools.

We are also proud that our movement has been a musical movement. Fine talented musicians play and sing with us every week. They bring joy to our efforts. Please bring your appreciation and enthusiasm and your voice as well this coming Monday to celebrate these special eight years.