The Berkeley Activist's Calendar, September 8 - 14

Adolfo C., Sustainable Berkeley Coalition
Sunday September 08, 2019 - 11:03:00 AM

Worth Noting:

-- 3rd Annual Ride Electric Event is Saturday, Sept. 14. Get smart about electric vehicles and e-bikes, -see:

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Sunday, September 8, 2019 - No City meetings listed.

The Solano Stroll, from 10 am – 5 pm; - see:

Monday, September 9, 2019

Tax the Rich Rally, with music by Occupella, 5–6 pm at the Top of Solano Ave in front of the closed Oaks Theater. Rain or extreme heat cancels the event. 


Facilities, Infrastructure, Transportation, Environment & Sustainability Committee, at 10am-12 noon, at 2180 Milvia St.,On agenda: #2. Air Quailty Monitoring, #3.Ban discrimination via hairstyle or headwear, #4a&b.Recommended Code Enforcement Actions and justice for homeowner Leonard Powell. -See: 


City Council Agenda Committee Meeting at 2:30-3:30 pm, at 2180 Milvia St., Redwood Room. On agenda: #3. Selection of Item for Berkeley Considers Online Engagement; & Review Item: #8 Revison to Council Rules of Procedure and Order; - see: --- 


Concurrent Meeting of Subcommittees: Parks and Waterfront, Measure-T1, &T-1 Landmarks Commissions, from 12:30-1:30 pm, at 2180 Milvia St., Cypress Conference Room, 1st Floor. Agenda: Civic Center Vision Implementation Plan; - see: 



Peace & Justice Commission, from 7-10 pm, at 2180 Milvia St., Cypress Room, 1st Floor. On agenda: #7. Resolution to expropriate private and corporate property to end homelessness; #8. letter to City Council in support of resolution endorsing the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child; --see: 


Courage Campaign will be going live on Facebook with the California Labor Federation on Monday, September 9, to discuss how passing Assembly Bill 5 (AB-5) will give California workers (like Lyft- Uber-& others) who are misclassified as independent contractors the rights they are due, like minimum wage, unemployment benefits, workers compensation, and more. 

Join Us Live on Monday, September 9 at 12pm PST as we stream live with the California Labor Federation at 


Tuesday, September 10, 2019 


Solano Ave Business Improvement District Advisory Board Meeting, from 11:30am-1 pm, at Thousand Oaks Baptist Church, at 1821 Catalina Ave.(& Colusa St). On agenda: #3.Public Events & Expenditures for 2020. --See: 


City Council Meeting at School Dist. Boardroom, 1231 Addison St. (& Browning St.) 

-- Special Meeting, from 5-6 pm, Conference with Counsel on 2 pending litigations, - see 


-- Regular Meeting, from 6-11pm. On agenda - (73 Items listed-- 38 Recess Items, 16 Consent Items, 19 Action Items) - 

On CONSENT : #1. Recess item - Reject all bids for John Hinkel Park Improvement Project – Negotiate in Open Market, # 5. Increase contract by $175,000 to $541,004 with Konica Minolta Business Solutions for annual renewal, maintenance and updates thru Sept 18, 2024, #6. Updated Commissioners’ Manual, #7. $600,000 for On-call graphic design contracts, #9. $12,590,000 Formal Bid solicitations RFP, #10. P.O. Aramark Uniform Rental and Laundry Service, $468,067 thru Jan 4, 2022, #11. $828,170 to Toshiba Managed Printed Services for citywide print and copy services for 3 yr coverage, #12. $85,721 to Berkeley Drop-in to operate homeless storage locker program, #13. $159,000 Dental Health Services to BUSD thru June 30, 2022, #15. $100,000 for consulting services to ensure implementation of Easy Does It audit findings, #16. State Minimum Wage Increases – Camps Classifications, #17. Berkeley Minimum Wage Increases, #18. Increase to $200,000 doe Computer Hardware and Software, #19. Add $99,700 for total $303,960 Geographic Technologies Group for Geographic Information System Master Plan contract Sept 14, 2016 – June 30, 2021, #21. $360,000 for 2 yr contract for portable toilets, with option to extend for 3-12 month periods thru Sept 30, 2024, total amount not to exceed $900,000, #22. $192,000 with Rincon Consultants, Inc. for Southside Initial Study and EIR for period of 16 months, #24. $250,000 to DC Electric, On-Call Electronic Traffic Calming Devices Maintenance Project, #25. Increase contract by $473,835 total $38,944,818 with C. Overaa & Co. for Center St Parking Garage, #26. Increase by $50,000 to $234,500 for On-Call Consulting with Northgate Environmental Management, #27. Game day Towing, #28. Agreement with East Bay Regional Park District for Tilden Park, #29. Green Infrastructure Plan Adoption, #30. Live Animal Sales disclosure requirements, #31. Provision of Wheelchair Charging for Homeless, #33. Outdoor Public Warning System, #35. 1281 University RFP for residential development for 50% on-site at 50% AMI or below, #36. 2019 Bi-annual report on Funding for Housing Programs, 39. Support AB 18 – Firearms Excise Tax. #44. Pavement Derby and Ward between Telegraph and Shattuck, #45–48. Budget referrals street repairs (Derby), lights (Sacramento/Oregon), crossing signals (Ashby/Fulton, Shattuck/Prince and Otis), #53. Voluntary Time Off for City Employees on Statewide Election Days, #54. Decriminalizing Entheogenic Plants, #55. Game Day Parking; 

- On ACTION: #56. Public Hearing Municipal Finance Authority Bond for Berkeley Way Affordable Housing, #57. Public Hearing CA Municipal Finance Authority Bond Financing for Berkeley Way HOPE Center, #58. Residential Parking McGee and Rose, #59. Preferential Parking fee increases, #60. Funding for Street Rehabilitation Capital Improvement Program, #51. Funding Street Rehab, #61. a.& b. Health Study on Health Disparities and Mortality of Berkeley Homeless, #62. a.&b. Analysis of Increasing Inclusionary Housing over Affordable Housing Mitigation Fee, #63 a.&b. Utilization of 1281 University for RV dwellers, #64. a.&b. Expansion of Adeline Corridor Plan to include in private component housing for extremely low-income persons, #65. Open Doors Initiative: City Worker and First Time Affordable Homebuyer Program, 66. Referral Response: Lava Mae Mobile Shower and Hygiene Services, #67. Wage Theft Program; --see invites us all to hear more info about the nation-wide Climate Strike For Climate Justice from some impressive climate speakers. Add your name to register for the Hype Webinar Tuesday, September 10, at 8 pm ET - (5 pm PST) -- visit: 


Wednesday, September 11, 2019 


Homeless Commission Regular Meeting, from 7-9 pm, at 2180 Milvia St., Cypress Conference Room, 1st Floor. On agenda: #7. Update on Pathways Program, #8.On Numbers of Homelss Families, #9.On Income Discrimination, #10.On Affodable Housing Framework; - see: 



Parks and Waterfront Commission, from 7-9pm, at Frances Albrier Center, San Pablo Park, at 2800 Park St. (& Oregon St). On agenda: #8. Update on Measure T-1 funds, #9. On Public Process schedule of projects, #10. On Adopt-A-Spot & Volunteer program, #11. Recommendations on comme\rcial dog-walkers & 6-dog limit, #12. Aquatic Park water quality issues; - see: 


Thursday, September 12, 2019 


City Council Budget & Finance Committee Meeting - CANCELLED - see: 


Medical Cannabis Commission Meeting, from 2-4 pm, at 2180 Milvia St., in Redwood Room. On agenda: Cannabis Equity Program Information, -see: 


Community Environmental Advisory Commission (CEAC) Regular Meeting, from 7-9 pm, Tarea Hall Pittman South Branch Library, 1901 Russell Street (at MLK-Jr Way). On agenda: #1. Bird Safety &Dark Sky Ordinance, #2-3-4. a On Year-2045 Prohibitions on Combustion (fossil fuels) Vehicles Uses, ReSale & Gasoline Sales. #7. BeeCity Initiative, #9.Plastic Reduction Research; - see: 


Zoaning Adustment Board Meeting, from 7-11 pm, at the School Dist. Board Room, 1231 Addison St. (at Browning St). 

On agenda: 

- 2873-Sacramento St, to enlarge 2-story 920-sq/ft building to 1934 sq/ft. to over 57% coverage. 

- 1835-San Pablo Av, to demolish & construct a new 6-story, mixed-use development with 99 units, 4 live/work units and 95 dwelling units, including 7 units for very low income, & stacked parking for 49 cars; 

- & Reports from JSISHL and DRC; - see: 



Tobacco Prevention Programs - FREE Quit Smoking Clinic, from 6-8 pm, at South Berkeley Senior Center, 2939 Ellis Street (at Ashby Ave). For anyone 18-years & older--see: 




Friday, September 13, 2019 - No City meetings or civic events listed. 


Saturday, September 14, 2019 


Third Annual Ride Electric Event is Saturday, from 11 am–3 pm. Event includes electric vehicles and e-bikes information, -see: 


Sunday, September 15, 2019 - No City meetings or events listed. 


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Also Worth Noting 


-- Postcarding with Indivisible East Bay, Monday, Sept.16, from 6:45-8:45 pm. Join us help to flip the flipable election districts at a member-home in the Oakland Glenview District. Please RSVP at 


-- Join and support the nation-wide Climate Strike and March on Friday, Sept. 20, from 10am at the SF Federal Building at 

#90-Seventh St. at Mission St. (take BART to Civic Center). For more information about the actions you can do through the week please visit our website at: <> 


in Berkeley at 7 am, at the Pedestrian Bridge 598 University Ave (or via Addison St. near 2nd St.) --see: 


-- Family Game Night for All Ages, on Friday, Sept. 20, from 6-8pm. Bring your favorite gameboards or just join in. With 3 locations, Game Night will be held at Frances Albrier Community Center and Willard Clubhouse and James Kenney Community Center. --See: 


-- Music in the Parks, Saturday, Sep 21, from 1-4 pm, in Grove Park - Back 2 School Hip Hop Fest with 

Nef the Pharaoh, C5, and LOE Gino. Also spoken word by Flax from Youth Speaks, a break dance competition & include a hip hop dance battle, video games, a barber's corner, and more! -See: 


-- International Shoreline Cleanup, Sept. 21, from 9am-12 noon, meet at Shorebird Park Nature Center, 160 University Avenue at Seawall Dr. All ages welcome. Bring gloves, sunscreen, water, and bags/ buckets. For more information, visit: 


BTU presents: Free Counseling w/ Tenant Attorneys, Thursday, Sept. 26, from 6-8 pm -- Deadline to sign-up is Friday, September 20 at 11:59 pm (i.e. the Friday before the event) -- At the Grassroots House, 2022 Blake St. (near Shattuck Ave) with housing counseling by professional tenant attorneys volunteering their time. -- See sign up page at: 


-- Wellstone Democratic Club presents “Policing in the East Bay: An Update”...on 

-The Oakland Police Commission; -- A New Sheriff in Town: the Continuing Efforts; --Strengthening Berkeley's Police Review Commission; & --Progress in California Criminal Justice Reform. 

Thursday, September 26, at 6:45 pm at Humanist Hall; 390 27th St (near Broadway) in Oakland. This is an open meeting at 6:45 pm--With a 6 pm potluck (please bring something to share if partaking.) Visit us at: <">



Notice of Decision (NOD) With End of Appeal Period 

180 B Alvarado 9-9-19 

999 Anthony8-21-19 

1533 Beverly 9-3-19 

1911 Fourth – 9-3-19 

1615 Francisco – 9-3-19 

2526 Hawthorne – 9-10-19 

2711 Mabel – 9-3-19 

641 Neilson – 9-16-19 

1727 Parker – 9-3-19 

1446 Scenic – 9-3-19 

1641 Seventh – 9-9-19; - see: 



Remanded to ZAB or LPC With 90-Day Deadline 

- 1155-73 Hearst (to develop 2 parcels) Referred back to City Council; to be scheduled 

- 2701 Shattuck Av (to construct 5-story mixed-use building), to ZAB (check date) 



Sept 17 – Arts and Culture Plan, - Zero Waste Rate Review, - Adeline Corridor Plan; 

Oct 22 – Berkeley’s 2020 Vision Update, - Census 2020 Update, - Short Term Rentals Info; 

Nov 5 - Transfer Station Feasibility Study, - Vision Zero Action Plan; 

Unscheduled – Cannabis Health Considerations 


Referral Response: Explore Grant Writing Services 


To Check For Regional Meetings with Berkeley Council Appointees go to 


To check for Berkeley Unified School District Board Meetings go to 


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