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Anger over Trade Policies Intensifies

Jagjit Singh
Friday August 30, 2019 - 04:37:00 PM

Farmers are voicing mounting anger over Trumps erratic trade policies. Many Midwestern farmers have slipped into bankruptcies unable to sell their products in established markets like China. Widespread flooding has killed cattle and left many fields waterlogged. Once again Trump has trapped himself and our nation into a proverbial cul-de-sac unable to admit his trade policies are a failure. Many fruit farmers in California have slid into bankruptcy unable to sell their products blocked by new tariff barriers. A chronic shortage of fruit pickers caused by Trump’s draconian immigration policies has driven up food prices. Unpicked fruit is allowed to rot on trees. 

Desperate to end the trade war he started, Trump falsely claimed that ‘China was ready to talk’ prompting several newspapers to headline ‘China blinks’. 

Farmers are left in the lurch unable to plan ahead with any degree of certainty. They make up the core of Trump’s constituency. If he loses their support his reelection prospects will likely fade. Nancy Johnson the executive director of the North Dakota Soybean Growers Association echoed what many farmers are feeling “you can’t take hope to the banker to get loans for operating.” 

Many faRmers have become so desperate they are postponing their health coverage, others are demanding to know whether Trump is a master dealer or a master salesman. We have only to look at the litany of his business failures to know the answer. In act of desperation Trump has even waged war on Fox News.