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The Mysterious Death of Prisoner #76318-054

Gar Smith
Friday August 30, 2019 - 04:14:00 PM

When it comes to conspiracy fodder, it's hard to abstain from the Epstein Rumor Feast. Even before Jeffrey Epstein's dramatic end on August 10, people were predicting his doom. 

Some examples: Epstein in Danger of Being Murdered by “Powerful People” Before His Trial, Says Victims’ Lawyer (July 30); Economist: Jeffrey Epstein Will Be Killed in Jail (July 30); Ann Coulter: Move Epstein to a Super Max Prison Before He is ‘Suicided’ (July 26). 

Another Mysterious Hanging 


Why did Epstein commission a portrait of Bill Clinton in a Lewinsky-blue dress to hand on a wall in his Manhattan townhouse? 

And now, after the demise of the perverted pedophile playboy, Epstein's lawyers (and other doubters, near and far) are claiming that he was murdered. Dr. Cyril Wecht, a forensic pathologist who has autopsied more than 10,000 suicide-by-hanging victims, claims he never encountered the kind of neck fractures Epstein had sustained in his alleged hanging. 

Epstein's lawyers claim he was in good spirits prior to his sudden death. Other critics claim that the Correction Center's cells are designed to prevent suicides-by-hanging (nine-foot-high ceilings; thin bedsheets that can't be used as ropes, no metal bunk beds, just flat slabs for sleeping). Some prisoners claim they heard screams coming from Epstein's cell the morning he died. Cameras pointed at Epstein's cell went blank. The eight guards entrusted with guarding Epstein have reportedly refused to cooperate with the Justice Department investigation. 

Epstein: A Master Manipulator 

Even in lock-up, Epstein was a master at winning special privileges. During his 13-month jail term in Florida in 2009, he was allowed to leave his cell for up to 16 hours each day, only returning to his cell for a good night's sleep. Under his special "work-release" program, Epstein was chauffeured from his jail cell to his Florida mansion where he reportedly spent some of his free time frolicking with young women. 

Similarly, Epstein gamed the system at New York's Metropolitan Correctional Center. He requested and received permission to be regularly released from his cell so he could spend up to 8 hours a day in the relative comfort of a special "attorney visiting room" in the facility. 

According to the New York Post, Epstein repeatedly commandeered the room while paying his lawyers to keep him company for hours. Epstein's privileged status angered other inmates and their lawyers, who complained of losing access to the "visiting room." 

On July 30, Epstein had a special visitor— a "mystery woman" who was granted lawyer-client privileges to spend time with Epstein alone in the room. She was admitted as a member of Epstein's legal team but witnesses reported that, unlike Epstein's other legal defenders, she carried no files or papers. One witnesses told Forbes magazine that "the optics were startling…. She was young. And pretty." 

In retrospect, it seems odd that prison authorities reported Epstein had been placed on suicide watch after a failed suicide attempt left him with a bruised neck on the floor of his cell. Prison authorities must have known what Epstein told his lawyers. He didn't attempt suicide. Instead, he claimed, he had been assaulted by his cellmate, a former Westchester Country cop named Nicholas Tarraglione. 

Naming Names 

Epstein's infamous "Black Book" remains mysteriously under wraps—it was stolen in 2009 by Epstein's house manager Alfredo Rodriguez, who was arrested while trying to sell it for $50,000. The book included the names of numerous A-list Hollywood celebrities, world political leaders, and even some top US news anchors. I won't list the names but you can take a glimpse inside the book by linking to this July 9, 2019 Zero Hedge article

Meanwhile, the flight logs for Epstein's private jet, the so-called "Lolita Express," contain a number of celebrity names. We all know by now that Bill Clinton's name appears 26 times in the flight log of Epstein's private jet. These records reveal that Donald Trump also fastened-his-seatbelt aboard Epstein's Boeing. 

Bill Gates' name even appears in a flight-log entry for March 1, 2013. Gates denies any personal or business relations with Epstein. But according to London's Daily Mail, in his last Will and Testament filed days before his death, Epstein named Gates' top scientific advisor, Boris Nikolic, as a backup executor for his $577 million estate. 

Other names that have shown up in Epstein's ledgers include New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and billionaire coal baron David Koch (recently deceased). 

So many dots, so little time. 

But the top conspiracy tale to come my way arrived back on July 9, nearly a month before Epstein's death. An email distributed by some Russian trolls circulated a twisted tale beneath the following headline: "Former FBI Director Comey Linked to Nuclear Material Plot to Assassinate Jeffrey Epstein." According to this convoluted plot, a deadly 18.1-gram container of radioactive californium-251 (worth $72 million on the underground market) was intercepted while being smuggled through Turkey. Had it not been discovered by Turkish police, it was to have headed for New York City where agents of America's "Deep State" planned to use it to assassinate Epstein—and point to Russia as the culprit.