Public Comment

Don't destroy our democracy!

Romila Khanna
Friday July 05, 2019 - 02:37:00 PM

It is important for us to pay more attention to the political climate today. We are seeing changes that are destroying the fundamental values of democracy. We have not made any progress in improving the lives of citizens of the neither the middle class, nor low income and poor amongst us.

Our self-centered thinking has taken us back at least 60 years .

We have not yet learned that each one of us has the right to participate in the political process to elect the right person to represent us in our government. 

We know that our right to vote, our right to live in a safe and healthy environment, is being ignored by the three branches of our government. Most of the actions by our federal government are hurting people who are below the poverty level, and who lack the power to improve their living standards. 

It seems most everything is being done to benefit the wealthy and upper class. It appears that the Republican party has a plan to change democratic principles to a dictatorship. I don’t know why we are not engaged in participating in the political process. We need to bring about change to the current political climate where our life, our safety, and our health is suffering. The federal government is not working to improve our lives, nor taking steps to give us equal opportunity to have the best education, better healthcare, better opportunities to live peacefully without having to worry about how to survive.  

Our climate, our safety, our voices and our needs are totally ignored. 

People, talk about gun violence and the traumatic situation of young and old at our border. No steps have been taken to remove the cause. We see effects of gun violence in different areas and still only talk about Second Amendment and people’s right to own guns. Why don’t we talk about some of our own citizens killing innocent people everyday in our communities? 

Our politicians give more importance to the life of the six week old unborn fetus in the mother’s womb, but they don’t care for the children whose’s life is in danger at the border! They don’t care to punish those who attack the young girls and women, who drug them to sexually abuse them. Why are the rights of living women and young girls ignored? Why is the lack of their physical safety not bothering our President? Is our government working to bring equal justice for these people who have suffered silently? Are each one of us are getting the basic human rights to live happily in better circumstances? 

I think, the gun manufacturers have been granted enough freedom to manufacture more weapons of destruction to create pain and trauma in the lives of those who lose their family members due to gun violence.  

We have to speak with a united voice to demand an environment that helps to create a healthy, happy and peaceful community all over in USA. We must work together to bring about real peace, humanity and restore our democratic values now!