The Berkeley Activist's Calendar:
Berkeley Public Meetings and Civic Events for June 2 - 8, 2019

Sunday June 02, 2019 - 11:04:00 AM

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Berkeley Historical Society presents --"Yeasty Times, the Experimental School Program"-- from 3-5 pm, at 1931 Center St. Moderated by Joanne Tien and with an expert panel discussion. Free admission and for more information --see:


The 16th Berkeley World Music Festival, noon – 8 pm, at People’s Park and throughout Telegraph Ave.; and Sunday Streets provides dance areas, crafts, with children’s activities each day, --see:

Roses in Bloom -an Acoustical Series, from 3 – 5 pm at the Rose Garden. 

Monday, June 3, 2019  

Tax the Rich Rally, with music by Occupella, 5–6 pm at the Top of Solano Ave in front of the closed Oaks Theater. Rain cancels event. 

Peace and Justice Commission, at 7 pm at 2180 Milvia St, 1st Floor Cypress Room, on Agenda-Items: #8-On City Socially Responsible Investments and Procurement; #9-Possible BUSD Appointments; #11- On action for Sanctuary Community Working Group; #13- On Support to ban a Facial Recognition System; #15-On the Adeline Corridor Plan; --see: 

Public Works Commission-Street Lighting Subcommittee, from Noon-1:30 pm at 1947 Center St., on agenda: Review of 5-Year Paving Plan; --see: 


Public Safety Committee, from 10:30-Noon, at 2180 Milvia St.,1st Floor, Cypress Room. On Agenda, items: #2-Review BPD Stop-Data Collection Policy uses; #3-To develop alternative code compliance measures for non-traditional live/work space. #4- Recommend a public Outdoor Warning System & holistic emergency alert plan;--see: 


Tuesday, June 4, 2019 

Personnel Board, from 7–9 pm, at 2180 Milvia, 6th Floor Redwood Conference Room, no agenda posted. Contact 981-6800. --see: 

Wednesday, June 5, 2019 

Homeless Services Panel, from 7– 9 pm, at 2180 Milvia, 1st Floor Cypress Rm. On agenda, item #5- Q& A on overview of Berkeley’s Homeless Services System; Updates on TNC Objects on Sidewalks; and implementation of the RV ordinance. --see: 

Commission on Disability, from 6:30–9 pm at 1326 Allston, Bldg A, Willow Room. On Agenda: #2.San Pablo Ave Plan, #5. Homeless concerns & #6. RV parking, --see: 


Planning Commission, from 7–10 pm, at the South Berkeley Senior Center 2939 Ellis. Agenda: the Adeline Corridor Specific Plan,--see: 



Thursday, June 6, 2019 

Medical Cannibis Commission, from 2-4 pm, at 2180 Milvia St., Redwood Room. No agenda posted. Call 981-7484 for info, --see: 

Facilities, Infrastructure,Transportation, Environment,& Sustainability (FITES) Committee, at 2 pm, at 

2180 Milvia St., 6th Flr, Redwood Rm. On agenda, item: #2. Adopt new code to prohibit natural gas in future development projects, #3.Transition to Zero-Emission Refuse Trucks, #4.Recommending a Fossil-Fuel Free Berkeley, --see:,_Infrastructure,_Transportation,_Environment,___Sustainability.aspx 


Public Works Commission, from 7–10 pm at 1326 Allston Way, Willow Room, City of Berkeley Corporation Yard. - No Agenda posted; check before going.--See: 

Landmarks Preservation Commission, from 7–11pm, at 1947 Center St, in Multipurpose Room, Basement. On agenda:
- 1581 LeRoy Ave, for consideration (& exterior alterations Hillside School)
- 1915-Fourth St., Structural & exterior alterations (Spenger's Fish Grotto)
- 1440 Hawthorne Terrace, designation for Marsh House and gardens 

- 1450 Hawthorne Terrace, designation for Sperry-McLaughlin House and gardens 

- 1690 Walnut Ave., designation for Las Casitas Apt.Bldg. 

- 2526 Hawthorne Terrace, designation for G&E Blood residence.
- and, to review Adeline Corridor Specific Plan and Draft EIR. --See: 


Land Use and Housing & Economic Development Committee meeting -- Cancelled -- (was to be 10:30-Noon, at 2180 Milvia, 1st Floor Cypress Rm.) --See: 

Housing Advisory Commission, from 7-10 pm, at 2939 Ellis, South Berkeley Senior Center, on agenda: 

#6. Affordable Housing preference policies, #7. Review of Adeline Corridor Specific Plan. --See: 

Friday, June 7, 2019 - No City meetings or events listed. 

Saturday, June 8, 2019  

KidChella - Music in the Park, Saturday, from 3-5 pm, at Willard Park, 2730 Hillegass Ave. With Purple Fox and the Heebie Jeebies - a fun funky, rockin' reggae band from Silicon Valley.

Sunday, June 9, 2019 - No City meetings or events listed. 

* * * 

Worth Noting 

-- Much of the significant public action in city admim policy is taking place at the City Council Committee meetings which are scheduled and held during the daytime. The Minutes from these Council Committee meetings are very brief and not well detailed and often posted very late (or not at all). Also none of these City Council Committee meetings have an audio or video recorded documentation for our public access. We need to demand responsible transparency and access to this public information. 

-- The Adeline Corridor Specific Plan (Draft Plan) and Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) are available for review and comment at <

and to enter public comment, send email to: <> on or before July 1, 2019, 5:00 pm. 

The next community public meeting on the ACS Plan is at: 

- Planning Commission - June 5, from 7– 10 pm at the South Berkeley Senior Center, 2939 Ellis. 

-- The Berkeley Neighborhoods Council's June-16 community forum on "Opportunity Zones" (is cancelled) to be rescheduled. BNC will announce when this forum will re-schedule at the next BNC meeting on June 8. Please join the conversation and attend that meeting. See: 

-- KidChella - Music in the Park, Saturday, June 22 from 3-5 pm, Live Oak Park, 1301 Shattuck Ave. with 

Asheba, a musical storyteller who specializes in calypso, the musical and folkloric oral tradition of Trinidad. 


Land Use 

Public Hearings Scheduled – Land Use Appeals 

Notice of Decision (NOD) With End of Appeal Period 

- 2325 Sixth St (Single-family residence) – 6-5-2019 

- 2072 Addison (eliminate off-street parking) – 6-5-2019 

Remanded to ZAB or LPC With 90-Day Deadline 

- 1155-73 Hearst (develop 2 parcels) – referred back to City Council – to be scheduled 

- 2701 Shattuck Ave (construct 5-story mixed-use building) – ZAB 6-30-2019 


- June 18 –Green Stormwater Infrastructure, Mandatory and Recommended Green Stormwater Infrastructure in New and Existing Redevelopments or Projects (Policy Committee), Council Budget and Strategic Plan Procedures 

- Sept 17 – Arts and Culture Plan, Zero Waste Rate Review, Adeline Corridor Plan 

- Oct 22 – Berkeley’s 2020 Vision Update, Census 2020 Update, Short Term Rentals 

- Nov 5 - Transfer Station Feasibility Study, Vision Zero Action Plan, 

- Dec. 5 – Measure T1 Update 

- Unscheduled – Cannabis Health Considerations workshop 


- June 11 – tentative EBMUD presentation, tba. 

- Explore Grant-Writing Services from Specialized Municipal Grant-Writing Firms. 

* * * 

This *Sustainable Berkeley Coalition civic meetings calendar is posted on the SBC website at and it is also available at the Facebook pages for **Berkeley Progressive Alliance (BPA) and for Berkeley Citizens Action (BCA). 

Also, visit the (BNC) Berkeley Neighborhoods Council Newsletter link for information on City and community issues at