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Kali Yuga

Jagjit Singh
Friday May 31, 2019 - 10:05:00 AM

The US and much of world is sinking into what the Hindus call Kali Yuga, the period when the “World Soul” is Black in hue; only one quarter of virtue remains, which slowly dwindles to zero at the end of the Kali Yuga. People turn to wickedness; disease, lethargy, anger, natural calamities, anguish and fear of scarcity dominate. The Trump administration is a good example of Kali Yuga.

They continue to dishonor the basic tenets of Christianity by punishing “good Christians” who are helping the poor. The Good Book is replete with aphorisms of helping the poor yet the US border patrol has declared war on those who provide humanitarian aid to migrants. 

Scott Warren, an activist with the Tucson-based “No More Deaths”, is being charged with allegedly “harboring” undocumented immigrants. His crime - providing water, food and clean clothes to two undocumented migrants crossing the Sonoran Desert in southern Arizona. If convicted Scott Warren could spend 20 years in prison. 

For years volunteers with, “No More Deaths” and other aid groups have left water and food tin the Sonoran Desert to assist migrants survive the blistering heat. 

Recently, the anti-Christ U.S. Border Patrol agents intentionally destroyed more than 3,000 gallons of water left out for migrants crossing the border. “No More Deaths” published a video showing border agents dumping out jugs of water in the desert. I urge readers to tweet @POTUS and his avowed Christian Vice-President, Mike Pence (@mike_pence) and demand US Border Patrol halt their inhumane activities.