Open letter to Mayor Arreguin about BART Parking

Russ Tilleman
Tuesday May 14, 2019 - 10:13:00 PM

I want to point out that building housing near BART cannot reduce Berkeley's carbon footprint... all it can do is limit how much it increases as our population grows. 

Limiting increases is good, but it won't solve the problem. We need a solution that actually reduces the carbon emitted by the people who already live here.
In addition, Wikipedia says North Berkeley BART currently has 822 parking spaces, and my understanding is that the lot fills up every weekday. That is 822 cars that currently aren't driven to the driver's ultimate destination.
According to:
the maximum number of parking spaces being considered for the development is 460. 822 minus 460 is 362 cars that currently park at North Berkeley BART that will instead be driven all the way to where the drivers are going. So at least 362 current BART riders will be forced into their cars.
That assumes that each parking space only holds one car per day. Some of them probably hold different cars at different times of day, so the number of cars forced onto the roads will be more than 362. And that is if none of the parking spaces are used by people who live in the building. Every car belonging to a resident will use up a space and force one or more additional cars onto the roads.
The maximum number of housing units I see proposed is 750, and some residents won't be riding BART. It is quite possible that the net result of the development will be an INCREASE IN CARBON EMISSIONS due to the increased number of people driving their cars.
This makes absolutely no sense as far as carbon reduction goes.
To get people out of their cars, we need MORE PARKING AT BART, NOT LESS PARKING.
There are approaches available to us that will help solve the problem but they are being ignored. If Berkeley is serious about fixing climate change the City government needs to be willing to listen to people who have solutions, even if they have not donated heavily to the political campaigns of City Council members.
If I am missing somethiing here, please explain to me what it is.