The Berkeley Activist's Calendar, May 12-19

Kelly Hammargren, Sustainable Berkeley Coalition
Saturday May 11, 2019 - 11:43:00 AM

Worth Noting:

Much of the action is taking place at the City Council Committee meetings which are scheduled during the daytime. Minutes from Council Committee meetings are very brief and none of the City Council Committee meetings have audio or video recordings.

Monday – 10:30 am City Council Committee meeting on Health, Life Enrichment includes RV Parking, 2:30 pm City Council Agenda planning for May 28 full Council regular meeting

Tuesday – 6 pm Regular City Council meeting, 6 pm – 7 pm Meeting on Preparing for Wildfire evacuation – this program is repeated on May 25 

Wednesday – 4:30 pm Transportation Presentation of plan for Sacramento St Addison to Virginia , 7 pm Measure O Oversight 

Thursday - 10:30 am City Council Land Use, 7 pm Transportation presentation of Adeline Corridor Plan 

Sunday, May 12, 2019 

Mother’s Day 

Monday, May 13, 2019 

City Council Health, Life Enrichment, Equity & Community Committee, 10 am, at 2180 Milvia, 6th Floor Redwood Room, Agenda: 2. Brown Act Overview, 3. Reports from Health Housing and Community Services, 4. Ban Racial Discrimination on the Basis of Hairstyle, 5. RV Parking, 6. Air Quality Monitoring, 7. Creation Vehicle Dwellers Governance Body,,_Life_Enrichment,_Equity___Community.aspx 

City Council Agenda and Rules Committee, Monday, 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm, 2180 Milvia, 6th Floor Redwood Conf Room, Agenda Planning for May 28 City Council meeting, Consent: 3. – 6. Assessments – Business Districts, 7. Bid Solicitations, 8. Appropriations Limit, 9. Security Patrol, 10. 4th July Fireworks/events, 13. Reject bids-open market Public Safety Building repair, 14. Fire Prevention Inspections audit, 16. Support HR 40 – Reparation Proposals, 21. Stop signs Carleton-Fulton, 22. Funding Traffic Safety Alcatraz Ave, 23. Street Lights MLK and Stuart, 24. Study Equity to achieve City Contracting, 25. Cannabis, 26. Paid Internships, 27. Support Renters Rights Bills, 28. Support SB 212, SB 641 Rank Choice Voting, 29. Support ADA-6 Voting Rights Parolees, 30. Proposed Budget 2020-2021, 31. Fee Increase Rental Housing Safety Program, 32. Hourly Fee Increase Traffic Engineering & Transportation Divisions, Action: 33. Economic Dashboards, 34. Council recommendations proposed budget, 35. a.b.&c. Green Stormwater Infrastructure, 36. EBMUD Presentation, 37. West Berkeley Service Center Development, 38. Tax Exemption on Federal Research Grants, 39. Moratorium Shared Sidewalk Policy until homeless response system designed, created, implemented, 40. Lighting William Byron Rumford Sculpture, 41. Increase Staffing for Vision Zero, 42. Rename Harold Way to Dalai Lama Way, 43. Resolution Ful Parity Mental Health Patients , Clinicians at Kaiser, 44. Budge Referral Solano Revitalization, 45. Fire Safety in Existing Live/Work Spaces, 46. Transition to Zero-Waste Refuse Trucks, Information Reports: 47. Short term Rentals, 48. IT, 49. Kiosks and Accessibility Obstacles 

Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board – Eviction/Section 8/Foreclosure Committee Meeting, 5 pm, 2001 Center St, Law Library, 2nd Floor, 

Peace and Justice Commission, 7 pm at 2180 Milvia, 1st Floor Cypress Room, Agenda: 7. Presentation – African American Holistic Resource Center, 

Youth Commission, 6:30 pm at 1730 Oregon St, Martin Luther King Jr. Youth Services Center, Meeting listed, No Agenda Posted, No notice of Cancellation 

Children, Youth and Recreation Commission, 7 – 9 pm at 2800 Park St, Frances Albrier Community Center at San Pablo Park, listed on Community Calendar but not on website 

Tax the Rich Rally, with music by Occupella, 5 – 6 pm at the Top of Solano in front of the Closed Oaks Theater, Rain Cancels 

Tuesday, May 14, 2019 

Berkeley City Council, 1231 Addison Street, BUSD Board Room, 

4:30 pm, Closed Session: Agenda: Initiation Litigation Pursuant to Code Section 54956.9(d)(4) a. Rideout matter – Claim No. 0360BC2018, Open Session Reports 54957.1 

6:00 pm, Regular Meeting: Agenda: Consent: 1. Cannabis ordinance revision, 2. Prohibiting contracting with ICE, 3. FlixBus Agreement, 4. Annual Appropriations ordinance, 5. Section 115 Trust Fund Investments, 6. Mental Health Ambulance Transport Contract $5.6 mil 7. & 8.Public Health services Grant Agreements with (7) Alameda Co. (8) State of CA, 9. Grant Application Essential Access Health, 10. Purchase Order Data Center Upgrade, 11. WiFi Installation 12. Hosted Cloud Storage, 13. Video Streaming, 14. Internet Redundancy, 15. Summer Food Service Program for Berkeley youth, 16. Harrison Park-Gabe Catalfo Fields Renovation, 17. Marina Berth fees. 18. Measure M. Woolsey Street, 19. Parking Enforcement Vehicles, 20. Street Lighting Assessments, 21. On-call Construction Services, 22. & 23. Gilman Railroad Crossing Safety Project, 24. Purchase 11 Ford Police Interceptor Utility, 25. Reappoint Dian Davenport to Board of Library trustees, 26. Declare every 3rd Sunday in May to be Postpartum Justice Day, 27. Recommendation to Install Outdoor Public Warning System (Sirens), 28. From Auditor – Understaffing 911 Dispatchers, 29. Support AB 539 – Fair Credit Act, 30. City Manager Evaluation, 32. Opposition to proposed Title IX revision from Betsy DeVos, 33. Support Charter School Reform Assembly Bills, 34. Refer to Budget – Rebuilding Together, 35. Light Acton and University, 37. Buy Clean Act, 38. Support AB 38 Fire Safety, 39. Traffic Calming, 40. May 15 as Bloody Thursday Remembrance and Commemoration of People’s Park, 41. Budget Referral $125,000 Missing Middle Report, Action: Charges/Fees/Increases (42-47) 48. Budget FY 2020 and FY 2021 Public Hearing #1, 49. One-Way Car Share, 50. Residential Parking Football Game Days, 51. ZAB Appeal – 1444 Fifth Street, 52. a.& b. Fossil Free Berkeley, Mental Health, 53. a.&b. Grant Allocation – Sugar Sweetened Beverages, 54. Extend Winter Shelter April 15 – June 30, 2019, 55. Budget Referral: Remediation Lawn Bowling North Green and Santa Fe Right of Way, 56. Berkeley Marina Area Specific Plan – Hargreaves Assoc. 57. Resolution No U.S. Intervention in Venezuela 

Information: 59. RFP Results for Study of Affirmative Action in Berkeley, 61. Residential Preferential Parking 

Meeting to Prepare for Wildfire Evacuations and Household Preparedness, 6 – 7 pm, 1170 The Alameda, North Branch Berkeley Library 

Police Review Commission – Board of Inquiry Hearing – Closed Session, 5:30 pm, at 2939 Ellis, South Berkeley Senior Center, Agenda: Complaint #2448 



Wednesday, May 15, 2019  

Animal Care Commission, 7 – 9 pm at 1 Bolivar Drive, Berkeley Animal Shelter, Agenda: VI. a. Max number of dogs walked by one person 4 to 8, b. Enforcement signage – Cesar Chavez Park, c. Animal sales, VII. Large dog exercise area, VII. Financials 

Commission on Aging, 1 – 3 pm at 2939 Ellis St, South Berkeley Senior Center, Agenda: 4. Presentation: Age Friendly Gateway Continuum, 6. a. Vision Zero 

Commission on Labor, 7 – 9 pm at 2939 Ellis, South Berkeley Senior Center, Agenda: 4. 1) Homeless Youth, 2) Fair Workweek,4) Equal Pay draft report, 5. Presentation: Medicare for All-Act, 

Human Welfare & Community Action Commission, 7 – 9 pm at 2939 Ellis St, South Berkeley Senior Center, Agenda: 3.a. Review Bonita House-Creative Wellness Center, 6. 1000 Person Plan to Address Homelessness, 8. Update West Berkeley Air Quality, 9. Update Alta Bates Closure 

Measure O Bond Oversight Committee, 7 pm 2180 Milvia, Cypress Room, Agenda: 7. Role Responsibilities 

Transportation Commission – ACTC/MTC Subcommittee, 4:30 -6:30 pm at 1947 Center St, 4th Floor Dawn Redwood Conf. Room, Agenda: Presentation Sacramento Complete Streets Project – Addison to Virginia 

Organizing for Change sponsored by Gray Panthers with Renters Coalition Living in Subsidized Housing, 1:30 – 3:30 pm at 2870 Adeline Ave, Agenda: Seniors living in subsidized housing on Right to Assemble 

Thursday, May 16, 2019 

City Council Land Use, Housing & Economic Development Committee, 10:30 am, 2180 Milvia, 6th Floor Redwood Room, Agenda: 2. Measure O Affordable Housing Bond Planning, Berkeley Qualified Opportunity Fund, to include equity assessment, Office of Economic Development, set standards, set priorities for opportunity zones, 4. Construction Workforce Development Policy, 5. Open Doors Initiative,,_Housing___Economic_Development.aspx 

Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board, 7 – 11 pm, 1231 Addison St, Agenda: 5. Appeal 3050 Stanton St. 

Design Review Committee, 7 – 10 pm at 1947 Center St, Basement Multi-purpose Room 

2398 Bancroft Way @Dana – 8 new Verizon antennas – Committee Decision 

2176 Kittredge – Preview 7-story mixed-use, 126 dwelling units, ground level retail, underground parking, demolition touchless carwash&gas station – advisory comments 

2435 San Pablo – 4-story mixed-use, 46 private rooms with communal kitchens on each residential floor, rooftop terraces, 48 bicycle spaces – majority recommendations 

Fair Campaign Practices Commission, 7 pm at 2180 Milvia, Cypress Room, Agenda: 6. Amendments to Berkeley Election Reform Act, 7. Potential violations Greg Magofna, 8. Alleged violations Kate Harrison, 10. Proposed Amendment related to Officeholder Accounts, 11. Discretionary Council Office Budgets, (meeting is Thursday, May 16, not May 10) 

Open Government Commission, 8 pm at 2180 Milvia, Cypress Room, Agenda: 6. Good Gov Ombudsman, 7. Annual Report, 8. Letter on draft minutes compliance, 

Transportation Commission, 7 – 10 pm at 1326 Allston Way, Corp Yard, Building A Willow Room, Agenda: 1. Presentation Draft Adeline Corridor Specific Plan, 2. Lyft/MTC Bike Share Program, 3. Response to Fossil Free Berkeley, 4. Transit First Policy 


Friday, May 17, 2019 

Mental Health Commission – Accountability Subcommittee, 1 – 2 pm at 2180 Milvia, Cypress Room, Agenda: Work Plan 


Saturday, May 18, 2019 

Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Product Panel of Experts, 6:30 – 9 pm at 2939 Ellis St, South Berkeley Senior Center, No Agenda Posted – check before going 

Luau at Skatepark, 3 – 7 pm at Skate Park 

Community Meeting; John Hinkle Improvements, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm at North Branch Library 

Sunday, May 19, 2019 

Roses in Bloom Acoustical Series, 3 – 5 pm at Rose Garden 







*Agenda Committee Unfinished business for scheduling – 1. a.&b. U1 Funds for Property Acquisition at 1001, 1007, 1011 University, 1925 Ninth Street, 2. Revisions to Ordinance 7,521 BMC. To increase compliance with short-term rental ordinance, 3. Disposition City-owned Former Redevelopment Agency Properties at 1631 & 1654 Fifth St, 4. Referral to City Manager and budget for creation of “vehicle dweller program” 


*Land Use Committee Unscheduled Items – Revolving Loan Fund, Amnesty Program for Legalizing Unpermitted Dwelling Units, Prioritizing Affordable Housing for Homeless 




Public Hearings Scheduled – Land Use Appeals 

1444 Fifth St – 4 single family dwellings - 5-14-2019 

Notice of Decision (NOD) With End of Appeal Period 

1711 MLK Jr. Way (replace commercial space with dwelling) – appeal ends 5-9-2019 

Remanded to ZAB or LPC With 90-Day Deadline 

1155-73 Hearst (develop 2 parcels) – ZAB 5-19-2019 

2701 Shattuck (construct 5-story mixed-use building) – ZAB 6-30-2019 




June 18 –Green Stormwater Infrastructure, Arts and Culture Plan 

Sept 17 –UC Berkeley Student Housing Plan, Zero Waste Rate Review, Adeline Corridor Plan 

Oct 22 – Berkeley’s 2020 Vision Update, Census 2020 Update, Short term Rentals 

Nov 5 - Transfer Station Feasibility Study, Vision Zero Action Plan, 

Unscheduled – Cannabis Health Considerations 



Cannabis Health Considerations 

May 28 – tentative EBMUD presentation 



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