Public Comment


Jagjit Singh
Friday May 03, 2019 - 03:23:00 PM

We are at it once again, orchestrating regime change in Venezuela.

We have learned nothing from our historical attempts at regime change creatingmayhem and destruction wherever we have unleashed our economic and military power. Our interventions in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, sent millions to their early graves; Iraq with bogus claims of WMD’s has torn the country apart and given birth to ISIS; Libya is mired in civil conflict; Afghanistan with no end in sight squandering trillions of dollars and killing tens of thousands of innocent civilians including thousands of American soldiers suffering from horrific injuries many choosing to end their lives. Buoyed by our impeccable record of failures, we have now set our sights on Venezuela.  

According to the Center for Economic and Policy Research at (CEPR) least 40,000 have died since 2017 as a result of U.S. sanctions. These sanctions reduced the availability of food and medicine and increased disease and mortality. CEPR argues “American sanctions are deliberately aiming to wreck Venezuela’s economy and thereby force regime change. It’s a fruitless, heartless, illegal, and failed policy, causing grave harm to the Venezuelan people. The sanctions blocked international capital markets and the oil company from restructuring its loans, oil earnings plummeted contributing to hyper-inflation and social and humanitarian disintegration.” 

There is little doubt that President Madura and his predecessor Hugo Chavez mismanaged the economy but the US under the misguided leadership Citizen 1, Mike Pompeo and John Bolton have hugely contributed to Venezuela’ misery.