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Evangelical Now Means Hypocrite

Ron Lowe
Thursday April 11, 2019 - 09:25:00 PM

One of the most extraordinary developments of recent political history--is the loyal adherence of religious conservatives to Donald Trump. Trump won four-fifths of the votes of white evangelical Christians. This was a higher level of support than either Ronald Reagan or George W, Bush, an outspoken evangelical himself, ever received.  

Trump's background and beliefs could hardly be more incompatible with traditional Christian models of life and leadership. Trump's past political stances (he once supported the right to partial-birth abortion), his character (he has bragged about sexually assaulting women), and even his language (he introduced the words pussy and shithole into the presidential discourse) would more naturally lead evangelicals toward exorcism than alliance. This is a man who has cruelly publicized his infidelities and made disturbing sexual comments about the size of his penis on the debate stage. Yet religious conservative who once squirmed at PG-13 public standards now yawn at such NC-17 maneuvers. 

Evangelical used to denote people who claimed the high moral ground; now, in popular usage, the word is nearly synonymous with 'hypocrite.'