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New: Cannabis Gathering in Cesar Chavez Park

Sid Small
Sunday March 03, 2019 - 08:25:00 PM

f you have ever gone to Cesar Chavez Park the day after the Kite Festival you will find lots used toilet paper under bushes, behind trees and on the grass and yet we allow this to continue year after year. I can’t imagine that a gathering of cannabis users would be any more inconsiderate of public health than the attendees of this festival. My dog and I stayed away from the park when Frankie Graham took it over for his religious/political rally because it upsets me to hear that. Frank and his peeps had their day in the park and me and Shadow went somewhere else that day. It was not a big thing for us to go to a different park that day and let them do their thing.I would hope that the few folks who are affected by smoke would choose one of the many other Berkeley parks for one day and allow a few hundred like minded folks to do their thing.