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Don’s Attack Dog Attacked by the Republicans

Tejinder Uberoi
Friday March 01, 2019 - 12:20:00 PM

Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s long time attack dog drew back the curtains of his boss’s sordid business activities and private life. His riveting testimony validated what most of us have long suspected. 

By his own admission Cohen threatened more than 500 people or entities at Trump’s behest. 

Trump had an early history of gaming the system, Clearly embarrassed by his school grades and SAT scores he instructed Cohen to ensure they be hidden from the public. In mortal fear of being sent to the killing fields of Vietnam, he conjured up a fake bone spur story to escape the draft.  

Cohen looked a broken man, sacrificing his integrity for the proximity to power but nevertheless deserves credit for appearing before Congress with full knowledge that he would be vilified and treated like a human piñata by the Republicans on the House Oversight Committee. 

Armed with documents to bolster his case Cohen accused his former boss as “a racist, con man, and a cheat who is fundamentally disloyal and a threat to democracy.” We should pay close attention to Cohen’s warnings otherwise we may be subjected to a Trump second term when he will continue to do irreparable damage to our nation, alienate our allies while cozying up to Russia’s Putin. With his stubborn denial of the ticking time bomb of climate change, he is clear and present danger to the entire planet. Republicans and Trump supporters time to take your head out of the sand and pay attention.