New: ECLECTIC RANT: On the Government Shutdown

Ralph E. Stone
Friday January 11, 2019 - 03:08:00 PM

The partial government shutdown is now in the third week with no end in sight. Trump wants money for a wall between the U.S.-Mexico border and the Congressional Democrats and many Republicans do not. -more-

THE PUBLIC EYE:Trumpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall...

Bob Burnett
Friday January 11, 2019 - 02:14:00 PM

On January 8th, Donald Trump made his first "oval office" speech to the nation; a plea for his wall. It didn't work, but we learned ten things:

1.The oval-office format didn't flatter Trump. He read from a teleprompter and, to say the least, seemed uninspired (some would say soporific). Trump repeated the "red meat" immigration claims he routinely throws out to his rabid fans, but in a monotone, as if he'd rather be somewhere else. (Mar a Lago?) -more-

ON MENTAL ILLNESS: Housing Revisited

Jack Bragen
Friday January 11, 2019 - 02:13:00 PM

Mentally ill people who become homeless have a very high likelihood of becoming deceased. I knew a man who'd made some bad decisions, who had become homeless; and, some months afterward, I heard of his death at the age of fifty. -more-