Public Comment

Good Neighbors

Romila Khanna
Friday December 07, 2018 - 01:08:00 PM

It is very important that sidewalks and pathways are kept clean for public safety. 

I think the property owners are expected to ensure that uncovered dirt, dry twigs or branches don’t block the sidewalks. It makes the pathway slippery and may cause the walkers to get hurt. Last week I had to suffer due to a large area of accumulated dry leaves left uncovered on a neighbor’s property. The stormy and rainy weather made it worse. I did not expect my neighbor to keep the common pathway full of dirt and leaves. In my opinion it is the duty of the property owners to keep the pathway free of any overgrown bushes, grass or other compostable items. It would become safer for those who use these pathways on a daily basis. As the weather may be stormy over the next couple of months, I hope property owners will take extra care to keep clear pathways next to their property. They must not ignore their civic duty towards others. I think good neighbors like to comply with rules that help create a safe and healthy environment for their neighbors.