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New: Changes

Romila Khanna
Monday November 26, 2018 - 08:59:00 PM

Why have the changes happened to suit the Republican President? 

What happened to our thinking process? Why did we not understand the tactful hurried steps that the current President has taken to fill the vacant seats to suit his own needs. President Obama was the President of all Americans, but the President Trump just represents the rich. President Trump lowered the Tax rates only for those who are members of the upper class and who don’t need more money in their Hidden Chest. 

We have been cheated by mere honey coated words. We pay more for daily use items for personal oral care, prescription medicines, groceries, cooking oil, and other important items to survive. Poor and low middle class people can’t afford to live and support themselves and their families. 

Property owners have to run their business so they increase rents as to maintain their property. But who helps the needy? We hear the high talk that there will be more money coming in the hands of all. Nobody lowers the prices of daily use items. 

We hear that the unemployment rate has dropped after many years. There is a health crisis due to the poor quality of food sold in the stores where the poor tend to shop. Low income families get to eat what their pocket can afford and health related businesses are getting more dollars because of the poorer health of the lower income folks. 

I don’t know where poor and lower-middle class people are getting any benefit from what is sold as “America is doing well in every area”. We are helping the rich to become richer and poor to move further down below the poverty line.