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With Air quality Remaining “Very Unhealthy,” Outdoor City Services Impacted

Public Information Officer Matthai Chakko, City of Berkeley
Friday November 16, 2018 - 11:40:00 PM

With air quality remaining at very unhealthy levels in Berkeley, the City is following federal guidelines and the recommendations of the City’s health officer by curtailing various services requiring outdoor work by non-emergency staff. 

This work is being scheduled and prioritized for when air quality is better, typically in the mornings. Residents and businesses should be aware of the following impacts: 

• Pickup of waste, recycling and compost were stopped on Friday, but will resume Saturday morning. Residents should keep bins out until they are picked up. 

• Inspections are being cancelled when air conditions are very unhealthy. That includes building, housing and fire inspections. 

• The City’s Transfer Station will be closed on Saturday 

These steps are being taken in light of recommendations that follow federal guidelines based on the EPA’s Air Quality Index. These recommendations are being reiterated by Dr. Lisa Hernandez, the City of Berkeley’s Health Officer. Air quality measurements in Berkeley reached 246 on Thursday and 247 on Friday, levels the EPA deems “very unhealthy”.” 

Dr. Hernandez recommends that everyone with respiratory or cardiac issues avoid outdoor activity. Everyone else – especially children, the elderly and pregnant women – should limit time outside. 

Move indoors and reschedule outdoor activities when air quality improves. 

See helpful hyperlinks at,%E2%80%9D_City_services_impacted.aspx