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Israeli Terror Attacks

Jagjit Singh
Friday November 16, 2018 - 10:21:00 AM

The death toll in Gaza has risen to at least six after militant Israeli forces launched an unprovoked attack targeting scores of buildings, including the TV station, Al-Aqsa. Israeli airstrikes also pounded dozens of homes. Their forces drove into the southern Gaza city of Khan Younis in a clandestine operation.  

According to Haaretz, the Israeli human rights organization, the Israeli action was a classic terrorist act – an unprovoked action which caused needless loss of life.Israel boasts that bombed buildings are usually predesignated targets, designed to inflict maximum pain and terror.  

The stated goal of the attacks is to drive the Palestinians into passivity. A senior Israeli Air Force commander said that the nature of the targets, “are completely different from anything we’ve known in the past. These targets are high-rise buildings in the city centers”.  

Just prior to the bombing, an Israeli phone call warned, “You have only one minute to leave your homes, or else you will die inside them.” Screams of terror and mayhem ensued. Then the ferocious bombing started and Al-Yaziji Tower, in the very heart of Gaza, was totally obliterated and reduced to rubble. Schools and kindergartens were also targeted sinking Israel into the depths of immorality.  

In the last six months Gaza has shown extraordinary commitment to overwhelming acts of nonviolence, demanding the right to life at the 5-meter fence that entraps the enclave. Since March 30th, over 200 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces in Gaza and 18,000 injured, more than 5,000 of them shot by Israeli soldiers. The people in Gaza are caged in a toxic slum from birth to death, where they are being suffocated out of hope, out of life, out of any sense for progress, and hollowed out of their souls. Billions of aid money and weapons are poured into Israel by our government to prop up their war machine making us complicit in Israel’s crimes.