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New: Latest Election Update

Rob Wrenn
Thursday November 08, 2018 - 04:19:00 PM

For anyone who might have been concerned that Kate Harrison’s election was not certain because she had less than 50% of the batch of votes counted yesterday (47% to be exact), today’s count (released by the Registrar at 5:04) restored the balance as she received 55.5% of the latest batch.

To summarize the count in District 4 so far:

Kate Harrison’s percentage of 1078 early vote by mail ballots: 50.6% of 1170 ballots cast at the polls: 54.5% of 802 post election VBM ballots: 50.7% of 3050 total votes to date: 52.1%

Nowadays, most people vote by mail but of those who continue to vote at the polls, a higher percentage are tenants and students compared to those who vote by mail.

There are probably somewhere between 1200 and 1500 votes still to be counted in District 4.Countywide turnout is now up to 37%. It will probably end up being at least 50%. 

Student turnout this year was poor, which is not unusual for a non-presidential year. So far only 1208 votes have been counted for the District 7 Council candidates, with Rigel Robinson leading 55% to 36%. In District 1, Rashi Kesarwani leads Igor Tregub 45.3% to 34.6% and receives a plurality of Margo Scheuler’s votes from the ranked choice voting count. 

Support for Measure O continues to increase as more vote are counted; it’s now 76.3% Yes.