Public Comment

Yes on FF for Parks and Fire Prevention

Robert Cheasty
Saturday November 03, 2018 - 12:51:00 PM

Please vote Yes on Measure FF to extend the East Bay Regional Parks District revenue stream for parks and for fire prevention. I urge you to read FF if you are not familiar with all the great projects and goals it is tackling.  

This is the same revenue that we have been paying at $1 per month per parcel (under the former measure CC). This is merely an extension, not an increase in the parcel tax.
We are seeing the improvements in the parks we have been asking for, but the parcel tax rate is low so this is a slow process. The sums collected take time to accumulate to do the improvements.
The area covered by the $1 per month panel tax is western Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, both for collating indenting the funds.
Is this Measure perfect?
A. Like every thing in a democracy, there are compromises but this parcel tax delivers mightily. It has a list of areas and projects where the funds MUST be spent and it continues the fine work started by the former measure CC.
How did the decisions get made?
A. The Park District sat down with the publican as many stakeholder groups as it could find to get real public input. It came up with the priorities and put them into the Measure FF to ensure that is where and how the money will be spent.
What about the Fire Prevention?
A. Measure FF significant increases the funds needed to prevent the kind of disastrous fire that took place in the East Bay hills in the past. After taking public input and working with fire experts, the Park district mad the best call it could to protect high fire danger zones. We need to work together to review the latest science and be ready to make adjustments if we discover better ways. Get involved with the Park District to make improvements if you feel that there are deacons you want to see.
Vote yes on FF. Long term improvements for parks and fire prevention require funding. Get this done.
To those few people who oppose FF because they do not agree with everything in Measure FF -. there is no perfect tax measure. This is a democracy - get involved in Park District issues to see your opinion included. Have patience with the democratic processes and do not oppose good measures because you feel they are not perfect. Don’t let perfection smother the good we can do. Pass Measure FF.