ECLECTIC RANT: Three cheers for Robert Mueller’s team

Ralph E. Stone
Sunday September 16, 2018 - 05:23:00 PM

Robert Mueller has made no public comment since he was named in 2017 to lead the Department of Justice investigation into Russian interference in last year's election and other matters. Instead, he has let his actions do the talking. 

For those who have criticized the Mueller team in D.C., Virginia, and New York, the Paul Manafort guilty verdict and guilty plea; the guilty pleas by Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos, Richard Pinedo, Alex van der Zwaan, and Rick Gates; and the indictments against 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies and 12 Russian GRU officers, show dramatically that Mueller and his team haven’t been engaged in any "witch hunt.” And I expect more indictments to come possibly leading to Trump’s impeachment or resignation. 

Kudos also to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for his steadfast support of the Special Counsel’s investigations. 

Mueller's integrity stands clearly in stark contrast to our president.