Public Comment

The Time is Now!

Romila Khanna
Saturday August 11, 2018 - 09:08:00 AM

The time is now for voters to think about voting for candidates who have developed social skills and those who respect the humanity in every person. In today’s chaotic world of despair and inequality, we need those in government who have the ability to hear people’s voices. It is very sad that we are watching the game of power play in all the three branches of our government. 

Democratic views are not cared for any more. Our government has divided us all on the basis of our race, religion, culture, language and economic status. 

I don’t know if the public is getting the correct message through media outlets like Fox News.  

Even in the year 2018, middle class and low-Income people are suffering. Even today, when “America becoming great again” slogan is chanted, human suffering is increasing. There is increased gun violence, increased prices for over the counter medicines and daily use household items. Transportation fees, health insurance and apartment rental charges are too high for ordinary citizens. This has become a real problem for both the poor and for seniors. And ordinary people who seek to have a roof over their head.  

I wonder when the Congress will stop supporting the private business-like of behavior of the current head of this great nation. 

What magic happened? Where did America get tons of dollars to give a “tax exempt” status to most of our richest citizens, but had ordinary people pay more into the government purse in taxes? Do we still need to trust more in today’s policies and dealing? 

We need to wake up from the dreamland of prosperity and success to the reality of the issues before us, else we would sadly have to accept the demise of our democracy.