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Agent Orange threatens Iran with all CAPS

Jagjit Singh
Saturday July 28, 2018 - 10:44:00 PM

Iranians must be shaking in their “chappels” after being threatened by “tough guy” Trump. It is the latest distraction and histrionic threats that the world has become all too familiar following the “treasonous” debacle in Helsinki. The wise diplomats in the state department have been sidelined by the broadside Tweets of a deeply insecure POTUS. 

Foreign policy “du jour” is dictated by what nourishes his oversize ego. 

The sordid history of US-UK interference in Iran’s domestic affairs is well documented by historians. Here is a short history. 

In 1913 the British stole Iran’s oil and declared it a vital British asset. Six years later the British looted Iran’s treasury and commandeered its army. During the Second World War, the British diverted food from Iran (and India) to feed its troops leading to widespread famine and disease in both countries. Following the Second World War MI6-CIA orchestrated a covert operation to crush Iran’s burgeoning, nascent democracy under the leadership of Prime Minister Mosaddegh. The British rebranded Iran’s oil as British Petroleum (BP). Mosaddegh was replaced by Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, a US-British puppet, a despot deeply hated by his own people. 

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