Important Issue

Romila Khanna
Monday February 12, 2018 - 08:40:00 PM

Are we ready to accept the demise of Democracy? It seems that we have stopped thinking about the impact of public policies on the most needy population. 

I know that when people use the power to benefit themselves, they are not shouldering their public responsibilities as the governing body 

“Make America Great Again!” 

Are the city governments following the slogan only by eliminating the people’s common comforts, and taking resources away from the poor and sick and giving them to businesses and people who don’t have the need? 

People are warned not to take shelter under a tree, because it does not suit the city, where businesses might suffer. The new development policies don’t match the needs of the city or its population. New buildings are coming up harming poor and people with limited resources.  

People’s earnings remain the same but the rents go sky-high which forces tenants to move to less safe places. The city mayor in Berkeley has not taken steps to solve the problem of homelessness and affordable housing for low-income families or poor in the city.  

The homeless people are seen around on the pathways and bus stops. It is difficult to wait for the arrival of buses due to their smoking and drinking habit. Their physical and mental condition needs attention. They do spread flu symptoms to young and old people. Some times they use sidewalk to eliminate their bodily fluid. It is important to give them some kind of space where they have a bathroom facility to clean themselves to protect other users of the space, from cold, cough, stomach flu etc. 

Bus stops and sidewalk areas lack cleanliness and it specially needs attention from the city officials as it impacts our student population who regularly board the public transportation services. Public health and safety should be taken seriously hence the homeless problem needs the highest priority and immediate attention from the Mayor’s Think Desk.