Pelosi's a Leader

Robert Cheasty
Monday February 12, 2018 - 01:45:00 PM

Representative Nancy Pelosi's ability to lead and legislate is denigrated primarily by those disagree with her stands on issues.  

No matter who leads the Democrats, the Republicans and the conservative pundits will go on the attack. So Democrats who accept the negative characterization of Pelosi by the Republican echo chamber fail to acknowledge that this same character assassination will befall each leader the Democrats put forward.  

House Minority Leader Pelosi is not the problem. As to her age, it should be her ability, not age, by which she is be judged.  

Her recent marathon speech in high heels and no bathroom breaks proved both her skills and commitment to her policies. She is keeping the fate of children who grew up in America on the front burner, getting that DACA story back on the front pages of every major news outlet in the country. That takes skill and experience.