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The FBI & Russia

Jagjit Singh
Sunday February 04, 2018 - 02:50:00 PM

Another chapter is unfolding in the Russia investigation. Trump Team is determined to cast doubt about the integrity of the FBI. Trump’s twitter war seems to be succeeding with his withering criticism of the British MI6 Steele dossier which seems ever more believable given the revelation of Trump’s bizarre dalliance with porn star, Stormy Daniels so soon after Melania gave birth to their son, Barren. There is little doubt that Putin’s Kremlin has done extensive research on Trump and his family and seems certain to continue to exploit their many weaknesses. The strategy to deflect criticism of Trump and derail the Russian investigation is all too familiar. Weaken the credibility of the FBI by making false charges which are then seized upon by the Trump-Republican friendly media which echoes them relentlessly and serves to convince a doubting public.  

The latest victim was deputy FBI head, McCabe, who drew Trump’s ire after he learned that his wife ran as a democrat for the Virginia state senate. That lack of fealty to Trump generated a “deep sate” conspiracy. The latest effort to weaken the FBI is the Republican Nunes memo which accuses the FBI and the Justice Department of seeking to damage Trump’s presidential campaign – the doctors up version is soon to be declassified for maximum impact. This is the same Nunes who leapt over the White House Wall unchallenged to tip off the Trump people of the inner activities of the so called independent investigation. For more go to: