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I Blame the Sidewalks

Carol Denney
Sunday February 04, 2018 - 02:45:00 PM

I Blame the Sidewalks, by Carol Denney February 2, 2018

I look around me and what do I see
terrible happenings coming to be
people in poverty tenting tonight
huddling in parks giving tourists a fright

Chorus: I blame the sidewalks what else can I do
can't blame my donors wish I could blame you
I blame the sidewalks what else can it be
I blame the sidewalks so no one blames me

hundreds evicted the rents are so high
I am the mayor I ask myself why
what do I blame for all this poverty
I must make sure that nobody blames me (Chorus)

I am convinced that it's sidewalks to blame
they may seem peaceful but I know this game
lying in wait looking calm and serene
soon as your back's turned a big dustbowl scene (Chorus)

how to make sure my career has a path
without disturbing developers' math
thankfully mayors who've gone on before
have left me the key and have opened the door (Chorus)