Public Comment

Please Comment on Berkeley Surveillance Ordinance Proposal

James McFadden
Sunday January 21, 2018 - 11:34:00 AM

If you care about the direction the country is going towards a surveillance state (aka Snowden), then please make a comment on Berkeley Considers supporting the proposed Berkeley Surveillance Ordinance. You can do this anonymously. 

A simple one or two line statement is all that is needed. 

Berkeley Considers seems to be one of those mechanisms that the City Manager uses in order to suggest there is no interest by the public (if few supporting comments appear) when she tries to sway the Council (most people do not know about Berkeley Considers). Please make your opinion count - support the commissioners who designed this ordinance. My comments are already posted. 

This is item 34a on the Jan 23 City Council Agenda. City Council: 01-23-2018 - Regular Meeting Agenda - City of Berkeley, CA 

As usual whenever a commission makes a recommendation, the City Manager often makes a counter recommendation (34b) that either guts the commission recommendation or, in this case, is a request for more time (stalling). That the City Manager and her staff would need more time is absurd. This item has been debated by several commissions for at least 18 months and the current wording has been known for months. Please tell the Council to support their commissioners and vote in favor of this ordinance.