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Berkeley Zoning Board Gets EIR on Shattuck High Rise

John English
Friday January 12, 2018 - 05:49:00 PM

Released this Tuesday is the "Final Environmental Impact Report Response to Comments Document" about the egregious proposed vista-busting high-rise at 2190 Shattuck Avenue. And I believe the Final EIR will be on the Zoning Adjustments Board's January 25 meeting agenda— even for potential certifying then. 

To see it online, go to

Within the alphabetically-arranged-by-street table that brings up, scroll down to the first row for "2190 Shattuck" and click on"ZP2016-0117." Then within what THAT brings up, scroll down to and click on "2018-1-10 RTC Final EIR 2190 Shattuck Ave.pdf." 

The Draft EIR that was issued several months ago evaded acknowledging as relevantly significant the project's actual, brutal historic-resource impact on the iconic vista from Campanile Way toward the Golden Gate. If you've been hoping that the Final EIR would correct that failure, prepare to be disappointed. The new document uses largely the same tortuously evasive rationale to reach the same faulty conclusion; see especially its pages 10 to 13. 

It will be vital that during the relevant January 25 session, the ZAB hearing speakers severely criticize the document. 

John English is a professional planner and a Berkeley resident.