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re: Let's Move to Alamo

Dave Brower
Friday November 10, 2017 - 12:43:00 PM

Toni Mester, responding to Kevin Burke's comment on her earlier piece suggests that people in Alamo, "probably all have an opinion about Berkeley."

I live there now, liked living in Berkeley before. When I was looking to buy, we couldn't afford Berkeley and ended up in a Walnut Creek condo, then to Alamo. My opinion is that Berkeley is great, and in many ways preferable to Alamo, especially if you value culture.  

Alamo decided not to incorporate a few years back, largely to avoid trampling on "property rights", I think. Many don't like pressure to build "affordable housing" or higher density, which get influenced by zoning policy. 

The recent AB2299 has a 1200 square feet size limitation that seems to make multi-story buildings and their sunlight encroachment less likely than one might suppose. It ought to encourage more housing stock in Berkeley and Alamo, which is not a bad thing.