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Progressive - then, and later on/now

Norma Harrison
Friday September 15, 2017 - 01:45:00 PM

When I was 15-20, Progressive Party ran Henry Wallace – in 1948, and Vincent Hallinan – of the renowned local family – in 1952, for President on the Progressive Party ballot . It was strongly communist influenced. I’ve always thought of it as communist – which is fine with me. As you might know from my campaigns for school board I devotedly subscribe to communism, socialism – tending toward the anarchy describe by Marx, the withering away of the state as we replace it with meaningful forms of control by us all. 

‘Progressive’ is maybe getting re-defined by people struggling to take control of our governmental mechanisms. But I’ve long determined it to be a wishy-washy term about people trying to do the right thing but not being sure what that is, the way to do it. 

Berkeley Mayor’s submissions indicate the depth and sincerity of the council’s efforts, much as have done previous government formations, not only here, but in many places where candidates and electeds would committedly like to find ways to carry out programs that are good for us all – that we’ve asked for/demanded. 

The problem is they can’t be in capitalism – which you’ve seen repeatedly. If we win something, we lose it; our Owners steal it back. 

An actually progressive government would make the effort to get us talking about the use of socialist, communist struggle. Without us able to talk about it, we spin our wheels – which I think you – and our electeds – know. But, they keep their jobs, saying they will – fix all that broken stuff of ours without enunciating the cause of the constant horrors. 

Maybe they just need encouragement to agree to allow us all to educate ourselves- us all about taking control of government, of work – of labor – for all our benefit.