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New: Bad Boy Boobies threaten to come back to Berkeley on April 15

Saturday April 01, 2017 - 01:58:00 PM

The New Republic online chronicles the adventures of a far-right jerk who seems to have hit someone with a stick at the "March4Trump" which took place in Berkeley on (surprise) March 4. It includes a link to a video where the self-styled warrior puts together some armor-ish gear from spare parts bought at Home Depot and similar places. I know, Boys Just Like to Have Fun, but this adolescent claims to be 41 years old. He and his cronies are planning a reprise on April 15 in Martin Luther King Civic Center Park. The Berkeley Police Department did an excellent job of mostly ignoring them the last time, only arresting this over-age kid after he actually slugged a Black Blocker with a pole.