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The Nunes saga: a dead skunk

Jagjit Singh
Friday March 31, 2017 - 03:50:00 PM

The Nunes–Russia-Trump saga has all the intrigue of a spy thriller far exceeding anything Tom Clancy or John Le Carré could offer. The latest episode in this gripping story is Nunes, who imagines himself as a tough Jason Bourne, but behaves more like Inspector Clouseau (the inept protagonist of the “Pink Panther” comedies), leaping over the White House wall to meet “Deep Throat”. Nunes switched cars and ditched aides to “cover his tracks”. He then met his former boss to tip him off about possible incriminating information linking him to the bare chested boss at the Kremlin. But the story has taken another twist, “Deep Throat” has finally been unmasked— they were two White House aides who seem to have conjured up a fake story to cover Trump’s preposterous claim that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower! 

Democrats’ demands for Nunes to recuse himself are not enough. They must insist that Nunes be investigated for violating his oversight duties communicating with the White House who is under investigation. Two patriotic Americans who are putting country over party are Senators Graham and McCain who are demanding Nunes remove himself as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Charges of a cover-up are growing. Why is Nunes so fearful of former Attorney General Sally Yates and former CIA head John Brennan testifying? Calls for an independent council, who would be insulated from partisan political pressure, are growing. 

The stench of corruption emanating from the White House is like a dead skunk trapped in the basement.