Public Comment

Understand the motive behind the agenda

Romila Khanna
Friday March 31, 2017 - 03:46:00 PM

Republicans have failed in their efforts to get the required number of votes to replace Obamacare. They have tried to repeal and replace this health care law for the past 7 years. Their vengeful attitude towards President Obama made them waste our tax dollars to try to repeal the healthcare law.

Their next agenda is to “improve” the Tax system to benefit a wealthy group of people and President Trump’s Cabinet. They don’t think, but just support the views of the President regarding every issue America is facing today. Lower the tax for the wealthy, and let others carry the burden of paying more to support their mission. They are hoarding more, and not paying their share of revenues to the government for improving the lives of low income and poor citizens of this country.  

I hope the newly selected Education Secretary will provide all kinds of opportunities for people of color and all others who don’t get the free access to the best schools due to zonal restrictions or their status in the society. I thought the wealthy President and his Cabinet members would donate some of their riches to the most needy and vulnerable children and youth. We need to save humanity.  

I don’t believe in creating war zones here or elsewhere because it creates animosity and fear.  

What is being discussed and told to us, is that changes are happening to improve all lives. There have been cuts in those areas that affect the most needy population.  

The housing market is improving, but our rents are going up, pollution in the air is ignored. Farmers are suffering. Natural disasters, crumbling roads, bridges, parks, and museums are ignored. 

I think that creating fear in the minds of people and sending false news has disturbed young students and others. 

I am keen to know from where the money will come to fund the military spending? I am asking the Treasury department to let the public know about the future of the American dollar. 

I think we should have friendliness with global communities and our own citizens to make America safe. 

When in any family money is short the head of the household takes care of children and family first. 

I hope our President will look for everyone’s needs before his own and that of his friends to make America great!