Dirt bikers arrested after Berkeley visit

Sasha Futran
Monday March 20, 2017 - 10:18:00 AM

Starting Sunday evening my Nextdoor neighborhood email list became busy with reports of a gang of bikers roaring around Berkeley this weekend. I saw about 30 of them on Saturday at about 5:30 PM coming up University Ave. and turning at the UC campus. A few wore black ski masks. One did some wheelies in the opposite traffic lane. They were mostly all in black. It was a bit alarming, particularly given our political environment nationally. 

A call to Berkeley PD’s Area Coordinator confirmed that this had been happening in Berkeley and other cities over the weekend.. Sunday the Oakland police chased the bikers to the Bay Bridge when CHP and aircraft took over following them. After the group split up CHP stopped some of them. One biker, a woman from San Leandro, was arrested, others detained, and a few dirt bikes and motorcycles impounded. CHP is reviewing video to determine if others can be identified. 

Berkeley’s PD called this the “new side show with cars” that is happening in the Bay Area. On March 8, a group of bikers surrounded a car on Highway 101 and the driver ended up with a broken leg and other injuries. Fifteen were arrested during that incident. It is not known if these were part of the same group.